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CamoGrass truck accent

Nothing gets your blood pumping like a morning in the marsh. You’re a waterfowl hunter and you’re proud of that fact. Your clothes and gear reflect your passion for the sport and your truck should too. Display your love for the hunt and protect the exterior of your truck with Camowraps® CamoGrass™. This complete camo accent kit comes with a precut grass effect along the top and a unique one-piece design that makes installation a breeze. CamoGrass is no doubt destined to become Camowraps’ most popular seller.

CamoGrass is constructed of high-quality materials using the latest digital-printing and coating technology to produce the realistic HD effect.  Easy to install and trim to fit, CamoGrass protects the lower portion of your vehicle and also has an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

The CamoGrass kit fits most trucks and comes complete with accent and CamoGrass built in each strip. Each Tall Grass strip measures 21″ H x 56″ W — enough to cover the lower portion of small- to full-size trucks, extra cabs and even some four-doors. Each Short Grass strip is 9″ H x 56″ W and is intended to cover the fender flare or wheel well areas. Five (5) Tall Grass pieces and four (4) Short Grass pieces are included in this kit.

The kits are available in Realtree™ MAX-4, Mossy Oak Duck Blind®, Avery® KillerWeed™ and Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass®.

CamoGrass™ Kits

CG54TS    5 strips of TG and 4 strips of SG    $350
CG74TS    7 strips of TG and 4 strips of SG    $450
CG5T        5 strips of TG                                    $250
CG7T        7 strips of TG                                    $350
CG4S        4 strips of SG                                    $99

For more information, check out www.camowraps.com.
For a high-res image, contact stephanie@mallorycommunicationsinc.com.

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