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Guru Huntress: BowFit and Firing-Line ensures she is ready for the hunt

Practicing for the archery season should be more to a bowhunter than going out in the backyard or to the local archery range and shooting a few dozen arrows at some targets. It should include conditioning of the core muscles that are used in that intense moment of drawing that bow and placing that pin on the intended game they are pursuing. Proper conditioning is an important factor in an archer’s ability in placing an ethical shot on game. It is not only important to condition those muscles that will be used, it is also important for an archer to perfect their release.

This week I am bringing to you two invaluable tools that I use in my pre-season conditioning practice and throughout the season to ensure that I will not only be ready to draw my bow at a second’s notice under any condition, but also that my release will be smooth — allowing for perfect placement of my arrow.

BowFit-The Archery Exerciser
The BowFit was created by a sports physical therapist and avid archer who knew the important link of upper body strength in direct correlation with holding a bow at full-draw longer and with the strength to hold the bow steady.  This training aid is portable and allows you some variability in draw weight as you become conditioned.

BowFit, The Archery Exerciser

The BowFit is a resistance band with a specially designed wrist strap and handle. The resistance band can be shortened to increase the draw poundage by pulling the end through the grommet in the wrist strap.

The BowFit is portable and can be used virtually anywhere. The BowFit simulates the drawing of a bow and it conditions the muscles that are used in that movement. Once you have the BowFit at full draw, you are actually holding all of the tension, which builds the proper muscles to hold that weight longer and also steady.

The BowFit is available in Light (10-30 lbs.), Medium 30-50 lbs.), Heavy (50-80 lbs.) and Safari (80-100 lbs.). There is also an ArcheryFit DVD available that can be purchased separately or in combination with the BowFit. This product is available through Cabelas online at http://www.cabelas.com/p-0004832.shtml.

Firing-Line-Saunders Archery
The Firing-Line is a compact, portable device that can be used anywhere, anytime to practice proper release. It is a great aid to use in warming up muscles before a shooting session or to use in overcoming target panic and perfecting the release.

Firing-Line by Saunders Archery

The unit is has a properly angled handle for the shooter’s bow hand. The loop on the string end is big enough for any style release. The user attaches the release, pulls the line to full draw, releases as if actually shooting at a target without ever actually shooting an arrow. This repetition burns the proper release into memory and into muscle memory.

The Firing-Line is excellent when training to use back tension.  The unit offers a quick draw length adjustment and a 30 pound pull with no let-off. If an archer prefers more weight in the actual unit itself, there is an additional weight set that is available.

The Firing-Line by Saunders Archery has a MSRP of $89.95 and is available at http://www.sausa.com/product.php?product_pk1=77.

Adding these two aids to any archer’s shooting practice regimen will not only assist in proper condition and form, it also will assist in proper placement when a bowhunter has that one opportunity to take a shot when presented in the field.

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures, see her blog: http://njadams1.wordpress.com/

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