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Guru Huntress: Firefly Electronic Wind Detector flits and shines and reports wind direction

It is a proven fact that large game and predators use their sense of smell for survival for locating food and water sources, as well as detecting danger. Any deer hunter that has spent time in the stand or field has had the opportunity to experience this first hand — usually with the results of the full blown, theatrical departure of a whitetail deer, coyote or bobcat fleeing the scene at the first notion of the scent of danger. For a successful hunt, it is important for a hunter to be aware of wind direction or thermal clines.

By most hunters’ standards, I am obsessively meticulous when it comes to scent control. I am a firm believer that taking the extra efforts before hitting the woods gives the hunter an added advantage on game.  Even with those extra efforts, it is still important to know the wind direction to choose the ideal location to hunt game.

I have been through countless powder puffers and although they work well, I knew there had to be something more accurate in measuring the direction of wind and thermals.   I also felt that I was limited to using powder puffs during daylight hours or resorting to shining a flashlight beam on the powder to get a visual reading. I wanted the advantage of being able to check my location prior to sunrise so if it were necessary to move to another location, I still had the opportunity.

Firefly Electronic Wind Detector gives me that benefit and accurately detects wind direction with the high visibility of LED lights. The unit is approximately 4.5 inches tall and weighs 3 ounces with two AAA batteries installed. With the protective cover screwed on the Firefly is waterproof and is weather resistant. There is a handy built-in compass on the unit and a molded eyelet for clipping the unit onto your backpack or any handy place you desire. The on button is easy to use even with gloves on.

The unit is simple to operate and easy to read with small LED lights for high visibility. To use, remove the protective cap and hold the Firefly level and still. When the on button is engaged, the Firefly takes 512 readings per second, analyzes those reading within 3 seconds and reports the results of the direction from which the wind is coming by flashing LED lights. The unit accurately detects wind currents and thermals down to one inch per second. The lights will flash the accurate wind detection bearings for 8 seconds and the unit turns off automatically.

To check the accuracy of your reading, it is recommended that you rotate your body 90 degrees and activate the button a second time to make certain that your body was not blocking the wind.

Easy to read LED lights are visible in the daylight or low-light situations.

Knowing the direction of the wind is not only important for large game and predator hunters; it is also beneficial to waterfowl hunters with properly placing decoys in the predawn hours.

You can read more about the Firefly Electronic Wind Detector and how it works at http://www.huntfirefly.com/. The Firefly is available in G-1 Vista Camo, Mossy Oak Orange, Waterfowl Camo, Predator White or Matte Black. The MSRP is $59.95 and can be ordered directly from the website. I am looking forward to carrying the Firefly to the woods this season for the added advantage of accurately reading the wind at any time in the field, especially thermals and wind changes.

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures and see how these products work for her in the field, see her blog: http://njadams1.wordpress.com/

Endorsement Disclosure: Per the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, this product review is an endorsement and the writer was compensated by “in-kind” payment to review the product.

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