She went fishin'! Patricia Strutz's wrap-up of Canadian fishing event

Well, the ladies all made it back safe and sound from the 2010 “Gals Goin’ Fishing” trip hosted by South Shore Lodge on Eagle Lake in Ontario, Canada. A good time was had by all!

Ellen with a walleye. Photo by Patricia Strutz.

The walleyes were very cooperative; all participants caught nice eating size and a few lunkers were landed. Gord, the owner of South Shore, treated us all to a couple of fantastic shore lunches. Freshly caught walleye sizzling in a pan — it doesn’t get much better than that. Many of the women caught walleye by slowing trolling crawlers hooked up in Lindy rigs. Others jigged crawlers on jigs or vertically jigged spoons.

The northern pike were active as well. Many small “hammerhandles” and a few larger fish were caught. These fish put up a tremendous battle on light line. Once again, Gord treated us to one of his specialties … he calls it “Eagle River shrimp.” It was pike deep fried in a tasty batter. Yum. Suffice it to say, we are all on diets this week:-)

Cindy with a pike. Photo by Patricia Strutz.

The hot, bluebird sky days did tend to shut down the musky bite. Toward the end of the trip we ventured to some darker water (the water is crystal clear by the lodge) and had some monster fish action. Alas, all follows (muskies “follow” a lure up to the boat; eyeballing it before eating) and no commitments. But, it’s always exciting to see 50-inch fish an inch away from your lure. Thanks to Jason, their resident musky guide! He has fished Eagle Lake is whole life and really showed us some awesome spots that weren’t on the map.

Eagle Lake is a wonderful body of water with a very healthy fishery. An interesting thing about the lake is that the west end is almost turquoise, the mid-section is gin clear, and the east side is dark, rootbeer brown. Funny how it can change like that. The lake holds hundreds of beautiful islands filled with rugged rock landscapes. I’m always amazed at how the cedar, pine, and birch trees grow out of the rock. They must require the smallest amount of soil. Eagle sightings were plentiful. Only one bear sighting…and it was in camp one night. No worries, though!

And here's Marie, with a walleye caught at the Gals Gone Fishin' event at South Shore Lodge. Photo by Patricia Strutz.

The camp itself is a great fishing camp. When in Canada, come to fish. This isn’t the place to visit art galleries or take in a show…this is the place to soak in the scenery and set hooks. South Shore lodge’s owner and crew all know the water and the fishing patterns very well. They’ll put you on fish.
The cabins are cozy and comfortable and almost all of them tout a great lakeside view. The camp boats are well laid out and easy to fish out of.
South Shore plans on hosting another “Gals Gone Fishin'” trip next summer. If interested in more specifics, shoot me an email or ask Gord about it.
You’ll have a wonderful time and will be counting the days until you head back north.

Tight lines,

Patricia Strutz

Photo by Patricia Strutz.

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