Julie T. Chapman's 'artsite' celebrates nature and animals

Contrary to popular belief in mainstream crowds, we outdoors types are artsy. We value beauty, particularly when art depicts what we’ve already seen and experienced in the outdoors. Our imaginations don’t have to run wild. We’ve been wild. Enter Julie T. Chapman, a Montana-based artist who gets it, the wonder and appreciation of nature’s palette. We like her art blog, located here.

Welcome to an “artsite” that celebrates nature and animals!

If you enjoy getting out to the beautiful wild places of the world and love seeing the wild things there, then you will find that same love and joy in my work. I live in Montana and paint the color and energy of the West – wildlife, horses, rodeo. I’m an artist in love with color, and I paint expressionistically, whacking the oils around with large brushes and palette knife.

At Julie’s blog, located at the website, she describes projects, such as dog portraits, that she’s been commissioned to paint. Or, she delves into other artists’ work and what that represents to her. A fascinating look into an artist’s mind and soul. We give it five stars and a rank of 10! ~ Barbara Baird

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