Realtree provides hunters with best hunting weather data available

Columbus, GA, September 29, 2010 – Realtree® has launched an innovative iPhone application designed for hunters that displays up-to-date radar images, current conditions and wind speed and direction on an interactive Google map.

Realtree for iPhone is now available on the iTunes store for $3.99 at

The iMap-enabled Realtree Weather application, developed by weather leader Weather Decision Technologies, Inc., (WDT) detects your location and provides you with your local radar data, as well as current conditions, a 7-day forecast, humidity, wind direction and dew-point data.

The Realtree application also offers severe weather information, including the latest US radar, IR satellite and lightning strikes, as well as a news tab featuring blogs.

“Weather is a high priority for any hunter or outdoor sportsman,” said Mike Gauthier, vice president of sales for WDT. “With Realtree’s mobile application, we are bringing the most powerful, innovative and accurate weather, radar and satellite data available in the United States, transforming any iPhone into a reliable decision-making tool for the nation’s more than 23 million hunters.”

Realtree Weather automatically detects the users’ current locations with a blue pin. Browsers can also simply type in the name of a location of interest and the application drops a pin on the map, marking that location and providing current weather conditions, temperatures, forecasts and highs and lows.

Using the “pinch zoom” method to zoom in and out of the map, users can access detailed radar information, all the way down to street level. The radar animates on demand, creating a continuous loop, allowing hunters to better predict storm paths. The radar data is updated every 5 minutes.

Realtree Weather provides direct access to the nation’s conservation and hunting news, classic Realtree videos, articles and hunting tips from the team at Realtree.

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Matthew Piette, WDT


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