WON Landing Page OCT 2022

The WON talks at Urban Shooter Podcast

Kenn Blanchard, aka “Black Man with a Gun,” hosts Urban Shooter Podcast, a weekly pro-gun variety show. This week’s podcast features “how to talk about guns with your Mrs. (or Mr.),” gun reviews, interviews and how-to’s. It also features tips from The WON by publisher Barbara Baird. Blanchard and Baird met at a BlackHawk!-sponsored bloggers’ seminar last May, and decided to work together to promote guns and the outdoors — particularly to the women’s market — through his podcast. To subscribe or listen to the podcast, click here. Blanchard also publishes a blog, Black Man with a Gun.

Barb Baird, Kenn Blanchard and Terry Naughton (BlackHawk!) were on the same team at the BlackHawk! paintball activity. Photo by Jeff Rose.

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