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Doeville is going to hibernate! Take advantage of 'Super Dooper' sale before Nov. 11

I will be taking this winter off for an Imagination Hibernation! As many of you know I am the chief shipping department, receptionist, marketing department and creative department ( my favorite part). Since it is me and only me, I have decided to take a break and open doors and head toward adventures this winter! My goal is to meet new artists and add lots of exciting items our line up that will make the world a better place. I am also going to use this time to learn a few new techniques for my own creative spirit! I am very eager about this rejuvenation and I look forward to seeing you sometime in 2011 with a Mercantile full of suprises!

Kim Pezzeminti is heading west to rejuvenate and rethink new ideas for Doeville.

Thank you for your support to date! I will continue to offer blogs at www.doeville.com and you can find us on Facebook (DoeVille USA) and Twitter (doeville) You can also email me personally at admin@doeville.com, but I will not promise a quick reply as my goal is to step away from the computer and touch the ground instead of the keyboard. We are offering a SUPER DOOPER sale! I will be shipping items until November 10, 2010, and these orders can be placed on our website. After this date, our shopping cart on the site will be closed as will our studio in Florida. Doeville has been so gracious and giving with donations to organizations all over the good ole’ USA, but we will suspend our giving spirit during our hibernation.

Happy Trails and May many wonders head your way!~ Kim Pezzeminti

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