Urban Shooter Podcast features scary guns — including a pink AK-47, aka 'Lil Pinky'

Halloween theme, scary music, monsters and oh yeah, scary guns. So called Assault Weapons banned in Maryland are discussed in Kenn Blanchard’s Urban Shooter Podcast this week. According to show notes, “Barbara Baird gives us some great information about AK 47’s, Zombie Strike #47, Introducing a new web resource, GUNUP.COM.”

For more details, visit www.urbanshooterpodcast.com and don’t forget to get your tickets for the US PARTY on Oct 30th in Annandale, VA. http://tinyurl.com/USParty

Note from Baird: When I recorded this week’s contribution to the podcast, which goes to thousands of listeners all over the world, I did not realize that Kenn Blanchard, my brother-from-a-different-mother, was going with the whole Halloween spooky, scary guns theme! In fact, as he points out, AK-47s (of which I own the first one off the production line of I.O. Inc.) are banned in his homestate of Maryland!

Barb Baird, Kenn Blanchard and Terry Naughton and their scary paintball guns at the BlackHawk! paintball activity for gun bloggers last May. Blanchard includes Baird's updates from The WON in his weekly podcast, Urban Shooter. Photo by Jeff Rose.

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