WON Landing Page OCT 2022

USA-Spirit Provides Peace of Mind During Emergencies

Don’t be fooled. November is not the end of a bad weather season anymore. Last year alone over 55 million people were affected by extreme weather disasters. Keeping extra batteries, candles, blankets, canned food and water on hand is always advised. Now, add to your emergency larder with the USA-Spirit OK Personal Care Emergency Kit. It provides essential products for up to 72 hours in the event of a disaster. Keep one in your truck, one on your boat and a couple in your hunting lodge. And it’s only $24.99 for a little peace of mind. See http://usa-spirit.com/#okmark

Kit Contents (31 Products)

Total body wash + shaving lather: Three single application pouches included (.50 fl. oz. each)

Disposable razor (1)

Deep cleaning teeth wipes (3)

Antiperspirant deodorant: Three single application pouches included (.50 fl. oz. each)

Anti-fungal foot cream: Three single application pouches included (.50 fl. oz. each)

Anti-bacterial wipes: Single application pouches included (9)

Toilet tissue (2 rolls)

Sunscreen + insect repellent pocket wipes: Three single application pouches included

Medicated lip balm (1)

Water purification tablets (3). NOTE: Each tablet treats 1 liter of water

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