WON Landing Page OCT 2022

In My Sights: Electronic Shooting Sports Are Wearing Out Her Trigger Finger

As the holidays are winding down, so am I. I tried a little dove hunting, without much success, but other than that, all my pursuits have been indoor ones. Being intimately joined to my computer for my job as well as entertainment has the effect of causing me to have full-blown conversations with my PC.

“Good morning Dell, you are looking pulchritudinous,” This from playing the vocab builder game for hours on end. My mental aerobics far outstripped any physical ones. Both my brain and my butt have grown in the last two weeks.

The only duck hunting I have done this winter included clicking a mouse. I now have trigger finger, and nothing in the freezer to show for it.

And then there’s the spam. For some reason it has increased tenfold since I have spent my vacation time online twelve hours a day. I get offers from singles dating sites, from shopping sites, from dating sites. Oh, did I say that already? Why don’t I ever get offers to match me with a hunting trip, or an outdoor adventure, or say, the perfect shotgun stock? Someone in cyber land really needs to work on this.

Meanwhile, I have found an online version of the old game Pong, so I asked my computer, “Dell, honey, are you up to the challenge?”  I really gotta get outta the house.

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