WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Want To Let the World Know About the Outdoor Gear You Need?

Here’s an opportunity for women outdoor enthusiasts to let their voices and wishes be known. Forget about your Santa list … if Santa can’t find a pair of breathable waders that fit you, he won’t be able to get his elves to make them. That’s just the way it is. So, enter Terry Scoville at Women’s Hunting Journal with her “Hunting Gear Needed for Women” page, where she started a list that includes several women bloggers and hunters and what they want to see manufacturers make.

From Women’s Hunting Journal: Below is the start of a Women’s Hunting Gear list that myself as well as other women hunters want manufactures to start producing. There are tremendous inequities amongst what is offered to men and not women who participate in the same outdoor pursuits. I am trying to promote an awareness to manufactures in hopes of filling these gaps. If you want to be included please click on this post, Cabela’s, Please Return My Call ! and leave a comment, including what item or items you have not been able to find. The more women we can get to voice their gear needs and frustrations, the greater the opportunity to make a change for all of us. Thank you and please support these wonderful blogs.

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