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Gear Court: Hot Caliber – Finely Crafted Jewelry

One of the things I’ve enjoyed over the years about outdoor blogging is sharing unique products I’ve come across or others have brought to my attention. My most recent product love comes from Hot Caliber – Finely Crafted Jewelry – Shot by Hand – and made in the USA – out of a flattened bullet shot with a firearm.

From their website:

With over 15 years experience in the jewelry industry, the creators of Hot Caliber seek all means possible to achieve the highest quality and craftsmanship. Hot Caliber has one goal and that is to create really cool jewelry and accessories that are unique and beautiful.

HCAnd how unique and beautiful are these …

Pendants – For men and women:


Oh …

My …

Hot …


I know that’s what you all were probably thinking as well.

Ok, maybe it was just me.

I can be so bad sometimes.


That is one hot tan he has.

A few of their other pieces:



Cuff Links:


~ Hot Caliber ~

For more information, you can visit there FAQ page.

You can also follow them:
Twitter: Hot Caliber
Facebook: Hot Caliber

Please note: I did not receive any products for this review. However, Hot Caliber is currently a paid advertiser on my site. And sadly, those are not my pompoms in that hot photo.

Have a great day all!~Jody Narantic

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