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Gear Court: Hook-A-Rack … they’ve got your back

How many times have you strained your back trying to drag a deer out of the woods or trying to load it onto your ATV or into your truck by yourself?  I found a great product for outdoorsmen and women, farmers or anyone who uses an ATV or UTV hauling heavy items.

It’s Hook-A-Rack, the Ultimate ATV loader.  Not only does the Hook-A-Rack save your back it will save you time also.  It is packed with unique features that other similar products do not offer.  The rack is a universal fit for almost any ATV or UTV equipped with a winch and after initial installation can be installed or removed in less than thirty seconds.  It is made here in the U.S.A. and is constructed of steel with a black powder coating for durability and years of use.

Hook-A-Rack is not just a loader either; each unit comes with a hook/lock bar kit for carrying bulky items.  You can use the lock bar to haul items such as hay, fencing materials, tree stands, ice shacks, timber, decoys and much more.  The four hooks swivel to allow buckets of feed or water to swing freely and minimize spillage.  The possibilities are endless.

The Hook-A-Rack makes getting your game out of the woods easy.  Simply lower the rack, pull the game onto the rack and use the rubber straps to secure the animal to the rack.  Then just press the button on your winch control to lift your game and get it out of the woods.

What really sold me on the Hook-A-Rack was using it to get my deer out of the woods and loaded for the trip home by myself.  Since breaking my low back last year I have been more conscious of over-exerting and straining my back.  After using it this past deer season I realize this will be a tool I will use year round around the house and in the woods.

For more information, video demonstrations and to order your own Hook-A-Rack visit their website at www.hookarack.com.~Marti Davis

* This product was provided by the company for review.

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