Girls with Guns Clothing's line of holsters lets you carry with 'flair'

Carry your favorite pistol on your belt or waist with GWG flair!


* Leather

* Fully Lined with soft black fabric

* Belt and clip combination

* Fully adjustable

* 1 3/4″ Belt loops on clip side of holster

* 2″ metal clip

** For security, these holsters are designed to wear with the clip on the pants and the belt through the loop to insure a more stable fit.

Small Holsters fit guns similar to a 25 auto, 22 pistols, and 380 autos.

Large Holsters fit guns similar to a 9mm glock, 45 calibur, and 357 revolvers.

Prices vary according to size. From $7.99 to $9.99. Visit Girls with Guns here.

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