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She's So Fly needs content contributors!

I am contacting you all to Introduce you to a brand new “Events Directory for Women” – fishing by She’s So Fly that just launched 3 weeks ago and already ranks #4th on google for fishing events for women! Pluse over 500 visitors and over 2,000 page views in this short time!

Over 80% of website browsing and searching is performed by WOMEN!


Sherri Russell. Photo courtesy of She's So Fly!

Hi, my name is Sherri Russell, editor and content mgr of this new Events Directory and News for Women, called www.ShesSoFly.com. I created this new directory and offer the services for FREE to all out of simple personal frustration … of visiting too many sites w/o resource links.


On ShesSoFly.com you can find out when and where your local Fly Fishing, Fishing, Paddle Sports, and Hunting Events are such as Fundraisers, Seminars, Trade Shows, Contests, Chapter Meetings, Learning Clinics, Tournaments and much more here on She’s So Fly!


Earn one chance to win per event you submit! The Potato Girls will select an item/service from their “Prize Pageant Parlor” each month, starting this May! When you sign up to enter, you are only giving your email and no other personal information.

The success of She’s So Fly depends on the volume of events listed to make this a valuable resource for women who want to find out who to contact and how to get started by going to these fly fishing, fishing, paddle sports and hunting events and meeting others with common interests.

There are also 3 event news blog sections w/in this site that other writers can post articles about their events to gain more exposure…like the results of winners of a particular event etc. (I just have to initially approve a higher clearance to that writer through their login name after requesting – then they are set to enter articles at any time).

She’s So Fly has a RSS Feed icon posted on the events page for others who wish to sign up and have the latest events posted on their sites.

I am confident you will discover some value with in this site once more events content is entered…other fishing and outdoors organizations and sponsors have and are making plans to integrate with ShesSoFly currently – we encourage you to do the same.

So, please don’t just view this site and tell me how you think this can be a great resource and not participate – take a few moments and post an event that you are aware of – it may even be a favorite that you like to attend personally…earn a chance to win a contest and help She’s So Fly become a success and a great resource for women all over!

Thank you so much and look forward to viewing your favorite events you will post soon!



Sherri Russell


Check it out here.

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