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HERCAMOSHOP.com and The WON join forces to send Squattie Potties to troops

It all started when Associate Editor Paige Eissinger rode around for an afternoon recently in a Gator driven by Wendy Hampton, U.S. Army, distributing cold drinks to campers. Wendy and Paige served on the support staff for a program called Changing Prisms at St. James, Mo. Wendy will be deployed in Afghanistan shortly, and somehow, the topic of Squattie Potties came up.

Paige is on the prostaff of HerCamoShop.com, and actually has tried the device while turkey hunting. So … the wheels of the Gator and the wheels in Paige’s mind turned, and before the afternoon was over, she had hatched a plot to contact Shelly and Jeff Ray and get them and HERCAMOSHOP.com onboard with providing these devices to the women in Wendy’s unit. And supply they will … Ten Squattie Potties will be making their way to the troops in the field in July.

Here’s a recent press release by Jeff Ray: HERCAMOSHOP.com is proud to announce the donation of SQUATTIE POTTIE minis to deploying female soldiers of the US Army. We are excited that we can provide even a small token of appreciation for the brave souls of the US Army. “As the wife and mother of soldiers, I firmly believe that these individuals represent the best of the best and acknowledge that they are the backbone of America’s freedom,” stated Shelly Ray of HERCAMOSHOP.com when she made the announcement.

Shelly continued, “I hope that these Squattie Potties can bring a bit of convenience to these soldiers as they serve proudly overseas, I wished them the best and pray for their safe return to our shores.”

Squattie Pottie is a product of Flo-go International, LLC.

Check out the Squattie Pottie.


Here's Shelly Ray packin' the potties for the troops! We know the women are going to appreciate this gift from HerCamoShop.com. Photo by Jeff Ray.

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