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Guru Huntress: Dip2Design takes the fright out of camo jobs


Manfroto head and tripod in the sun.

During these dog days of summer, what are you doing during this time to prepare for the fall hunting season? Some states are less than 45 days away from opening day—others longer.

Now is the perfect opportunity to re-stock the items you are low on and prepare your gear for the season. Have you taken a good look at your hunting rifle or shotgun? Does it just not look as good as it use to? Do you wish you could protect your investment? Do you wish that the black composite stock were camouflage? Or do you use a video camera in the field and wish your tripod or tree arm was camouflage?

This is the perfect time to get those items dipped. Yes, dipped — in a camouflage film that is durable with impressive color and a no-shine finish.

When Richard and I made the decision to film all of our hunts, we purchased a 3rd Arm tree arm and Manfroto head and Manfroto tripod; we based on decisions on their high quality and reputation in the industry. We were pleased with the products; however, on numerous occasions, we had wished the products were camouflaged for our application. We did not think this was possible except for the makeshift taping with gun-safe tape, which proved not to hold up in the field.

3rd Arm in the sun - Version 3.jpg

3rd Arm Tree Arm

Upon mentioning this problem to a hunting friend, Dip2Design was recommended to us. Not thinking it was even possible, I contacted the owner, Adam Sealy. After Adam’s assurance that the products would not be a problem to dip, we decided to take the items to him. The design simplicity of the 3rd Arm was going to make that item simple to dip. I was still skeptical that it would not be possible to strip down the tripod, dip it and have it be reassembled in working order. After all, there were spring hinges, a handle with a rubber grip, leveling bubbles, leg clips, knobs for this and that; a lot was incorporated in this $300 tripod. I was nervous about the outcome, especially not knowing the dipping process.

When our products were done, we decided to visit the Dip2Design shop in Linden, Ala. I was curious to see how the process worked. Adam was more than happy to show the process to us and even dipped a small item while we were there. I had no idea that the product being dipped was completely submerged in a vat of water that was kept at a certain temperature. Nor did I know how many choices of print designs were available.

Manfrotto Head.jpg

Manfroto Head

The process requires that the product being dipped be disassembled, if possible. Then the item is prepped for a heated-water vat. The choice of printed film is cut to size, placed on the surface of the water in the vat. A chemical activator is sprayed on the film. The product is lowered onto the film and below the surface of the water causing the print on the film to affix itself to the product. When the product is raised out of the vat, it has a slimy film that is rinsed off in a huge fountain style sink. At this point the finish is permanent and completely dry. The matte finish is amazing with impressive color.

I was so impressed with guns that were in the shop that had previously been dipped; the guns appeared brand new. After the dipping process, all guns are reassembled and tested for proper working order. Composite and wood stocks can be dipped. Any item imaginable can be dipped if it can be submerged instantaneously in water. Even decorative items such as European mounts can be dipped. It is truly amazing and the sky is the limit. Adam had a customer bring an entire commode to him for dipping; ironically it turned out beautiful.

We used our tripod this past spring for turkey hunting and have found that the finish is durable and withstood an entire season of our rugged hunting in several states. We put our tripod through the test, dragging it through the thorny thickets of Florida and Alabama to the rough, rocky terrain of some Oklahoma hills without a single knick or scratch in the durable finish.

Tripod in field.jpg

Manfroto Head and Tripod in the field.

During the lull between seasons is the perfect time to get your guns, shooting sticks, tripods or any other gear dipped; not only for a different look but for the protection of your investment. The price for dipping is very reasonable and the entire process can be done in a short length of time. Go to www.dip2design.com to see photos of products that have been dipped and to see a price list for service. You will not be disappointed with the pricing, service and workmanship you will experience with Dip2Design. No matter if you decide to dip your items to protect your investment, to become stealth in the field, or just to add flare to your home decoration or vehicle, you will not be disappointed.

To follow along with the Guru Huntress’ adventures and see how these products work for her in the field, check out her blog, Shenanigans From the Field.  follow her on Facebook.

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