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Guru Huntress: HSS Lady Pro Series will be in the stand with her all season

The time is upon us. A time of intense anticipation, strained patience, long hours of travel, many days of adventure, undying gratification, pure joy and happiness – in other words, deer hunting season.

I have been so busy with hog hunting, gator hunting and getting ready for a bowfishing trip that I have not had the time to start a “To-Do” list for the trips on the calendar this season. I feel as if I am several weeks behind in preparation and still have a few things to add to the mix of gear we always pack up for our trips.

One thing I was not too busy for and ordered pre-season is one of the most important pieces of hunting gear in insuring a safe hunt: a safety harness. It is something I never hunt in elevated stands without.

The new Hunter Safety System Lady Pro Series safety harness caught my attention at the World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Ala. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these new harnesses. I, like most women, do not like bulky buckles and straps across my chest; straps from backpacks, turkey vests or safety harnesses. The new Lady Pro Series vest incorporates the perfect amount of tailoring in all the right places.


Hunter Safety Systems Lady Pro Series

Last year, I opted for the HSS Ultra-Lite safety harness because of the simplicity in the fit of this harness. No straps hanging from the vest on your walk in or out of your hunting area. No big buckles or annoying bulky straps across my chest. Easy to put on and take off. And the two most important factors for me; it was easy to wear in between layers and was not hot in early season warm weather. Richard liked my HSS Ultra-Lite safety harness so much, he claimed it as his own this season leaving me to having to replace it.

I tried other brand vest-style harnesses and even early editions of HSS brand vests and although there was no doubt the HSS product was a superior product in doing what it was designed for, I found some issues that just were not huntress friendly. To name a few, the bulky buckles that rode across the breast, sleeve holes that were too big and a longer vest length.

The new Lady Pro Series is designed with a tailored fit. The armholes have elastic in the seams to keep the material neatly against the body; allowing for a snug fit important for bowhunting. The vest has a front buckle at the waist and a small, lightweight strap and buckle across the breast. The vest is shorter in length and sits on the hip at just the right place. There are six pockets for ample storage. The ventilated mesh design makes the vest comfortable to wear early season.

The saddle-style leg straps incorporate a rubber-coated buckle that is easy to fasten and allows for quieter mobility. A unique feature of the vest-style safety harness is a built-in strap handy to hang your binoculars, game calls or range finder from. This vest is much lighter than the previous similar models. The Lady Pro Series safety harness has a splash of pink trim and a pink HSS emblem to set it out from the men’s model.

The Hunter Safety Systems Lady Pro Series safety harness has a MRSP of $149.95 and is available in sizes S/M and L/XL in the choice of two colors, RealTree APG and Mossy Oak Infinity. You can read more about the HSS Ladies Pro Series safety harness at www.huntersafetysystem.com and even place your order at the website for delivery just in time for your first hunt. I will be wearing mine in the tree stand this weekend as we start our fall deer-hunting schedule at the Kentucky farm.

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