Interview with Linda Greenlaw, captain of sword fishing boat and author

Bibi Nurshuhada Ramli interviews the woman who captains a sword fishing boat,  Linda Greenlaw, in an article at NewStraitTimes. We are intrigued and a little amazed at the talents of Ms. Greenlaw, the only female sword fishing boat captain on the East Coast and author of four books.  We think you’ll be, too. In Ramli’s article, Ms. Greenlaw says, 

“Now that I’m older, I have to admit that it’s better for a woman. My crew members work harder for me than they would for a man, so I think that’s an advantage.

“Irrespective of gender, all fishermen have to face challenges such as bad weather, poor fishing and mechanical breakdown. Having said that, I’m 50 and I’m having to cope with hot flashes (a common symptom in menopausal women). I think that’s one thing men don’t have to cope with.”

Note: Ms. Greenlaw’s boat “Hannah Boden,” was the boat of fame in “The Perfect Storm.”

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