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Heckler & Koch announces first female competitive shooter on team

Heckler & Koch would like to announce the newest member and HK’s first female competitive shooter, Maria Harbin. Like other HK Team members, Maria will be using a P30L “out of the box” to compete in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and other matches throughout the 2013 shooting season.


Maria Harbin shooting the P30L from Heckler & Koch. Photo courtesy of HK

“Maria brings an amazing amount of natural talent and unlimited potential to the Team. Look for Maria at the top of ladies division before long,” said Team Captain, Jason Koon.

About Maria Harbin

Photo courtesy of HK

Maria is a graduate student of Florida State University and is currently studying Criminal Justice. During Maria’s freshman year of college, encounters of a stalker led lead her to discover a passion for martial arts and competition. With a black belt as well as an instructor certification, Maria is not one to take lightly.

Maria thanks her concealed carry instructor who encouraged her to attend a USPSA match, which was her first introduction to shooting sports. After one USPSA match Maria was hooked and knew stationary, paper targets at the local range would never be enough to satisfy her again. She began looking for opportunities to compete in small, local matches, and to seek out knowledge from the most proficient and professional shooters.

“Like martial arts shooting sports constantly challenges me in a unique way and presents endless opportunities to grow in proficiency and skill with my weapon, the HKP30L, in a challenging, safe, and enjoyable fashion,” says Harbin.

Maria continues to challenge herself with personal objectives include shooting 3-Gun at a professional level, achieving the rank of 5th degree black belt, and completing her Masters degree.

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