Megan Hilbish: Sharpshooter teen and youth ambassador to D.C.

Emporia, Kansas – ( — Two events serve as highlights every summer for those of us here at the National Rifle Association: the Youth Education Summit and the National Rifle & Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio. Bookmarking the beginning of the season with YES and the end with Camp Perry, it’s seldom that the two events come together. Unless you run into someone like Megan Hilbish.

Hailing from Emporia, Kansas, Megan has been around firearms for as long as she can remember. With an enthusiastic hunter as a father, it’s no wonder she started in the shooting sports early.

“My dad always wanted to take me out hunting,” explained Hilbish. “When I was old enough, around seven, I was able to take a hunter education course. Then I could go.”

Megan Hilbish. Photo courtesy of the NRA Blog

Just watching at first, the desire to join in inspired Megan and her parents to enroll her in the county’s 4-H shooting program. The lessons produced interesting results.

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