A girl named Tad tells why she hunts

We invite our readers to share their lives with us, and one of them, a girl named Tad, wrote to us and told us about why she loves to hunt.

Hi, my name is Tad. Yeah, my dad had a great sense of humor.  Kinda like the boy named Sue, I’ve had to be tough! I lived in a town of 100 until I was 12. I played with my brothers and neighborhood kids – mostly boys.

I have been an outdoors-woman, hunting and fishing since I was very young.  I have taken a lot of criticism for being a “girl” that loved to hunt. I was a cheerleader in high school and when the games were over, I would go rabbit hunting. I was hunting when hunting wasn’t cool!

I have been in law enforcement for more than 24 years and still love my job, and I ride a Harley. I am a woman in a man’s world no doubt,  but I’ve crashed through many glass ceilings!

I live in southern Utah, on the coveted hunting ground of the Paunsagaunt.  I have taken several large mule deer and a real nice bull elk.


Photo courtesy of Tad Mecham

I am 52 and I love being outdoors and the next challenge it brings. I have drawn once-in-lifetime-tags twice. I killed a Rocky Mountain Billy goat in 2008 and a Desert bighorn sheep this fall. Both were challenging hardcore hunts, but I came out with two beautiful trophies! My goal is always one shot, and I haven’t missed yet.

My kids are all grown, and I am the proud “Grammy” of 11. My goal is to teach each and every one of them to love and appreciate the outdoors. The older ones love to shoot and hunt, makes me so proud!

Tad Mecham Billy Goat

Photo courtesy of Tad Mecham

My husband and I have hunting hounds, another one of my passions. I have killed a couple Mountain Lions, the most recent being last January, when I scored a huge Tom. I love to hunt with the dogs, and have my own pursuit permit.

There is nothing like the sound of the dogs on a hard solid tree! We hunt mountain lion, bobcat and bear with our dogs. Hunting for me is just a way of life – it’s what I do, and I love it!

Thanks, again, to Tad Mecham.

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