The 2012 Próis Award and 4th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest will soon name the world’s ‘Top Female Hunters’

What does it take to be a hardcore female hunter? Two separate award contests are actively seeking that answer.

The 2012 Prois Award and 4th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest are both in the throws of competition. Each contest has identified its respective group of finalists, all outstanding women who are not only passionate about the hunting sports, but also dedicated to community and conservation.  The winner of each contest will be introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nev., and will receive a hefty prize package of any hunter’s dreams!


Rebecca Francis, on the prostaff of Prois, won the first award for huntresses. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Francis

The 2012 Próis Award

For the 2012 Próis Award, sponsored by Próis Hunting & Field Apparel for Women, a panel of esteemed judges (Kirstie Pike – CEO Próis Hunting & Field Apparel; Craig Boddington – Outdoor Writer; Guy Eastman – Publisher Eastman Hunting Journals; Diana Rupp – Editor in Chief Sports Afield magazine; Julie Golob – Captain of Smith & Wesson’s Shooting Team; Ron Spomer – writer, wildlife photographer and television personality; Jim Zumbo – outdoor writer and television personality; and Tracy and Lanny Barnes- U.S. Olympic team biathletes) have narrowed down the field of contestants and named the award’s top 12 finalists. The finalists include Amber Lee Dibble, April Mack, Brenda Valentine, Candace Crick, Janice Loudermilk, Jennifer Brockman, Joella Bates, Kathleen Lynch, Marlene Hinz, Ruth Cusack, Tia Shoemaker, and The WON’s own Michelle Bodenheimer. Women’s Outdoor News is a sponsor of this contest.


The Próis Award finalists have now been placed on the Award’s website for public vote. Votes will be accepted until midnight, December 16, 2012.  At the conclusion of voting, the contestant with the highest combined public vote and confidential judges’ score will win. The 2012 Próis Award winner will receive a prize package valued at more than $40,000, including a five-day, two-species hunt of a lifetime in Namibia.  The winner will be accompanied by Susan Ebert from Sporting Classics magazine, and will also receive an amazing gear package from Próis Hunting & Field Apparel for Women, Swarovski Optiks, Bowtech, Weatherby, Rip Cord, Badlands Packs, Bog Gear, Zamberlan Boots, Buck Knives, Hunter Hills Journals, Acli-Mate, Shoot Like a Girl and HERCAMOSHOP.


The 4th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest

Running simultaneously is the 4th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest. The Extreme Huntress™ is organized by Tahoe Films, Ltd., in conjunction with “Eye of the Hunter™” TV on NBC Sports.  A panel of celebrity judges (Melissa Bachman – television personality and producer; Brittney Boddington – television personality; Rebecca Francis – 2010 Extreme Huntress and co-host of “Eye Of The Hunter™”; Olivia Nalos Opre – television personality and consultant for World of Hunting Adventure;  and Jackie Gross – 2012 Extreme Huntress) announced the top ten finalists: Stephanie Wottrich, Donna McDonald, Phyllis Tucker, Debbie Thames, Thia Anderson, Tad Mecham, Jody Geistweidt, Trine Bengtsson, Joella Bates, and again, The WON’s own Michelle Bodenheimer.

The Extreme Huntress finalists have now been placed for public vote on the Tahoe Films, Ltd. website .Voting is open until midnight, January 1, 2013. The huntress with who receives the highest combined score (consisting of 50% public vote and 50% confidential judges’ score) will be named the winner.

The winner of the 4th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest will receive an all expenses paid trip to hunt brown bear in Alaska in October 2013, with Bill Stevenson and Alaska Outfitters.  The hunt will be guided by 2010 Extreme Huntress, and “Eye of the Hunter™” TV co-host, Rebecca Francis.  The hunt will also be filmed and will air on a future episode of “Eye of the Hunter™”.  The total prize package is worth over $53,000.00, and includes sponsorship from Sportsman’s Warehouse News, Otis Technology, Inc., Aimport, Barnes Bullets, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Brownells, Inc.

All visitors placing a vote in the Extreme Huntress™ Contest who confirm their email addresses will also be entered to win over $2,500 in prizes from the contest sponsors.

Who do you believe is the most hardcore female hunter?  Who should win the 2012 Prois Award, and the 4th Annual Extreme Huntress™ Contest?  Take a moment to read about each of the finalists at each respective award websites and place your vote today!


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