Perazzi’s new Ladies Sporter gets a hearty thumbs up from the GRITS


Photo courtesy of Shotgun Life

GRITS — an acronym for Girls Really into Shooting.

Irwin Greenstein, publisher of the fine online publication Shotgun Life, let us in on a little-known fact. He wrote to The WON and stated, “Shotgun Life got an exclusive on the new Perazzi Ladies Sporter. We gave it to the GRITS to have at it. Thought you’d interested.”

Oh yeah, we’re interested. Especially our resident shotgunner, Managing Editor Britney Starr. She’s really excited to read about how this beautiful Italian gun performs afield, and to know that women tested it? That’s just the cheese on the grits, with butter and salt, too.

Read the review on the Perazzi Ladies Sporter over/under. MSRP: $11,200

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