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Kimber 8400 WSM rifle review, courtesy of ‘Deer Passion’

Almost two years ago, I decided I needed a new hunting rifle. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I did know I needed something I truly liked and would want to pick up and shoot years from now. My number one requirement was that I wanted something lightweight and easy to carry, for the numerous reasons of simply making a long walk or hike easier. Additionally, most women do not have the upper body strength that our male counterparts normally possess. While not exactly limiting, per se, there is no reason to create unnecessary muscle fatigue when hunting, particularly when accuracy can mean the difference between life and death.

Photo courtesy of Deer Passion

Kimber 8400 WSM. Photo courtesy of Deer Passion

After looking and looking and looking some more, I had my search narrowed down to two similar rifles. Ultimately, I chose the Kimber 8400 in .300 WSM.
My Initial Impressions:
     1. It was lightweight, easy to carry and easy to shoulder.
     2. I loved the gorgeous walnut stock.
     3. The bolt action was remarkably smooth and the 3 position safety was classic, yet functional.
Actual Selling Points (why I forked over the cash and took it home):
1. Lightweight  – 6 lbs, 10 oz, and the weight was evenly distributed. Many of the other “lightweight” rifles that I handled were noticeably front heavy. I appreciated the balanced feel, making it that much easier to shoulder and handle.
 2. Classic look and beautiful walnut stock – Frankly, I am a woman and I love pretty things … this goes for guns too. The nicer the stock and overall composition, the more I am inherently attracted to it. The traditional look only helped to solidify my initial impressions.
3. Mauser-style, controlled-round feed, bolt action – High degree of reliability in chambering and extracting.
4. Adjustable trigger pull — Just one more way for customization.
The 8400 actually comes in a variety of calibers, but I chose the .300 WSM cartridge because of its efficiency, while still being able to provide magnum capabilities. The versatility of the cartridge also allows it to be custom loaded to less than punishing recoil levels, which the magnum designation is well-known for. Additionally, the 30 caliber offers numerous choices of bullet styles and weights, allowing for more customization to specific needs and wants.
Elizabeth, publisher of Deer Passion, with her Kimber.

Elizabeth, publisher of Deer Passion, with her Kimber 8400 WSM.

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