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2013 Operational Shooting Association Women’s Day at the Range

Apparently, Mother Nature loves women who shoot! The springtime Women’s Day weather was, in a word, a bit of a little miracle! The day before was rainy and the day after was snowy, but on Women’s Day it was mild and eventually sunny!

On May 11, 2013 the fifth annual Women’s Day was hosted by the Operational Shooting Association at the MilCun Training Center in Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada. The OSA men were very generous in providing an excellent supply of tactical rifles and pistols, as well as electronic ear defenders and safety glasses. OSA provided the ammunition and most of the targets.

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller

The Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) from as far away as Ottawa and Burlington, volunteered their time and provided very professional support on the range. The attendees were a mix of club members’ friends as well as women who are local to the MilCun facility. Most of them had no pistol experience, many had no firearms experience.

While the men of the club set up the range, the women started the day with classroom training, covering safety, marksmanship and the operation of the AR-style rifle. Then we went out to the range and shot some lovely little groups from 50 meters.

While the men re-set the range for pistol shooting, the women spent some time in the classroom getting a familiarization with pistol safety, marksmanship and operation. Then we went out to the range and shot some amazing groups with the pistols.

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller

Finally, the women joined the men on the steel range for some “banging and clanging.”

Back in the cabin for the end of the day, we presented certificates, swag bags and draw prizes.

The event attracted some outstanding sponsorship.

Accuracy Plus provided a pink Browning hunting knife with a case and a pink/camo Browning range bag.

Pyper, Jim and Toni from the Canadian Firearms Institute provided excellent support and gave a one-year membership in CFI to every participant, including the men. The CFI also provided a pink “Women’s Day” T-shirt for every woman.

Colt Canada provided “True North Strong” T-shirts and hats for the prize table, as well as stickers and pins for the swag bags.

The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association provided women’s t-shirts, golf shirts, hats and fleece wind-jackets for the prize table, as well as “The Marksman” magazines for the swag bags.

Dream Acre Whitetails provided a bottle of maple syrup and a deer farm tour.

Ellwood Epps provided fashionable PiP and Ellwood Epps t-shirts and gunsocks for every participant.

Girly Gun Gear provided t-shirts for all the range officers, as well as fun targets for the range. GGG also provided a lighted key fob and a coupon for each swag bag.

MilCun Training Center provided the ranges and use of the facility, as well as pens and pencils for the swag bags.

OFAH/OOD provided hats and magazine subscriptions for the prize table, as well as coupons and the bags for the swag.

Operational Shooting Association and its members provided volunteers, range services, equipment and ammunition. OSA also provided a chocolate flower for the swag bags.

Shooter’s Gear provided brass bags, pistol bags and a full-size range bag for the prize table.

Vortex Canada provided Vortex Diamondback 8×42 binoculars, a ladies Deadhead t-shirt and hat for the prize table. In addition, Vortex provided a lens cloth for each swag bag.

Wolf Ammo provided a full case of 9mm ammo which we divided into lots of two boxes for the prize table.

It was an amazing day! The women who participated really enjoyed themselves, finding out how much fun it is to shoot tactical rifles and pistols. They had a positive experience on the range, made some great new friends and built new memories.

Thanks to all who provided support to this event. You made a difference. As one of the women said, “Okay, I’m hooked. When can I come back?”

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller

Photo courtesy of Linda Miller


Thanks to Linda K. Miller for this after-action report about the OSA Women’s Day at the Range.

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