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Próis now offering Pro-Edition jacket and other top products in Mothwing Mountain Mimicry

It’s time to talk big game. It’s time to hone your bugle, grunt and rattle because it’s that time of year — and surprisingly, Próis is talkin’ big game! Próis has the perfect piece of hunting gear that’ll help you bag that buck this season– the Próis Pro-Edition jacket, providing all the field-proven performance features you need along with a fit you will love. In fact, we are certain you will love this jacket more than glitter. And unicorns. It’s that good. But, do you know what is even better? The Pro-Edition Jacket is now available in Mothwing Mountain Mimicry!

Prois Mountain MimicryThe Próis Pro-Edition jacket is a big game hunter’s dream, and offering it in the coveted Mountain Mimicry pattern makes it the number one choice for high alpine, sheep and goat hunts. It keeps you warm, dry, concealed and prepared. The super-genius creative crew at Próis has constructed this jacket with compressed, three-ply bonded high performance fabric that stops wind and wetness…but leaves the bulkiness behind. Lined with the company’s signature nylon tricot, the form-fit design is made for a woman, but allows for plenty of room for movement and layering -making it the perfect jacket for your big game hunts.

And when you thought it couldn’t be any better … it is. Other super-genius additions include a spacious lumbar compartment designed for easy access storage of lightweight gear or hand warmers that can be advantageously placed across the flanks. Scapular drop pockets are located between the shoulder blades and are designed to hold activated hand warmers for those chilly mornings. Carry your hunting essentials like calls, licenses, phone or other unmentionables in the assorted arm and deep-set zippered hand pockets. The Próis Pro-Edition jacket in Mountain Mimicry is sheer big game hunting bliss.

But wait … there is more. Much more. Silence is golden and Próis ensures the only thing that animal will hear is that final shotgun blast. Utilizing our soft tricot shell, snap down zipper sliders and magnetic closures on the arm pockets -this jacket will keep noise to a minimum. Did we mention that there is also a three-panel removable hood? OK, so it has nothing to do with silence, but it is really cool nonetheless.

The Próis Pro-Edition jacket is machine washable — line-dry only. Available in sizes XS-XL. And if you believe camo is a color like Próis does, you’ll be ecstatic to learn this jacket is also available in Realtree AP and Advantage Max1. MSRP $229.99!

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