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HEVI-Shot: A great way for hunters to lighten their loads

In today’s modern society, we have been trained to think about the environment and how our daily actions impact the world around us. We reduce, reuse and recycle. We lesson the emissions from our vehicles. We buy organic. We do what we can to minimize our carbon footprint. The hunting and shooting industry is not exempt from this philosophy. Many of today’s manufacturers are stepping up and doing what they can to help consumers address their environmental concerns. Environ-Metal, Inc., makers of HEVI-Shot, is one such company.


HEVI-Metal is one of only 14 specifically designed loads manufactured by HEVI-Shot. Photo courtesy of Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer

HEVI-Metal is one of only 14 specifically designed loads manufactured by HEVI-Shot. Photo courtesy of Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer


Environ-Metal produces HEVI-Shot, a lethal, yet non-toxic, alternative to lead shot. Made in the United States, and crafted from dense tungsten alloy, HEVI-Shot allows for greater pattern coverage, at equal or higher velocity of its steel cousin. Simply stated, the dense tungsten alloy shot flies fast and clean. Not only is HEVI-Shot non-toxic, but shells are also made with zero waste, thus allowing hunters to lay to rest any concerns they may have on its environmental impact. HEVI-Shot is manufactured in a variety of shot specifications, with a complete line available for turkey, pheasant, duck, goose, hog and coyote hunting, as well as target shooting and home defense.

I previously tried HEVI-Shot Duck load, and enjoying its performance in the field. I looked forward to trying the HEVI-Metal load. HEVI-Metal incorporates Pattern-Density Technology in which both HEVI-Shot tungsten alloy pellets and steel shot are incorporated in the same shell. This lethal blend allows for 20 percent more pellets to fall in the shot pattern. A 12-gauge, 3-inch shell with size 4 shot and 1.25 ounce load will shoot 1500 feet per second. HEVI-Metal also uses biodegradable flax seed as a spacer in each shell to allow for proper crimping. I was a bit hesitant at first to use a shell full of tungsten, steel and flax, but I’m quite pleased with the results in the field. The HEVI-Metal shot a consistent pattern with full penetration when tested, and left little residue in my shotgun. Better yet, both the Duck load and HEVI-Metal proved themselves lethal, and I found them to be much more accurate on marginal shots, compared to shells with only steel shot.


WON Wood Ducks

Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer relishes in the harvest of 2 wood duck drakes with the aid of HEVI-Shot Duck load. Photo courtesy of Todd Bodenheimer


An interview with Environ-Metal vice president of sales and marketing, Kelly Sorensen

After my experience with HEVI-Metal and HEVI-Shot Duck load, I wanted to learn more about Environ-Metal and the complete HEVI-Shot line. I had the opportunity to sit down with Environ-Metal vice president of sales and marketing, Kelly Sorensen, and learn more about the product line and the amazing women who is blazing trails in the shooting industry.

Kelly is no stranger to the hunting world. The youngest of 6 daughters, Kelly quickly became her father’s hunting and fishing buddy, and developed a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors. It was only natural for her to pursue a career in the hunting and shooting industry. Kelly first joined Environ-Metal in the year 2000, as a senior executive of the start-up company. Kelly left shortly in 2009, but returned in 2010 in her current position and has never looked back.



Kelly Sorensen, vice president of marketing and sales at Environ-Metal, Inc., makers of HEVI-Shot, celebrates her successful pronghorn harvest. Photo courtesy of Kelly Sorensen


Michelle: Tell me about HEVI-Shot®. What sets HEVI-Shot apart from your competition? Why do you recommend HEVI-Shot to others?

Kelly: HEVI-Shot is a leader in innovation. We are the first company to produce a non-toxic, high-density ammunition. It comes at a cost, but it’s worth the price. Take waterfowl hunting, for instance. HEVI-Shot provides full pattern coverage in a lighter load. A 12-gauge shotgun, shooting solid steel shot will kick quite a bit. By using HEVI-Shot, a hunter can use a 20-gauge shotgun (with less recoil) and get equal or higher performance to someone shooting a 12-gauge with steel shot. It’s easy, really. By shooting HEVI-Shot, a hunter can shoot a smaller shot size with a smaller gun, and be just as successful.

Michelle: What other products does HEVI-Shot manufacture, aside from shotgun shells?

Kelly: HEVI-Shot markets a complete line of unique choke tubes. Our chokes are gun specific, and game specific. They are each configured to offer the best patterning for the specific situation. The choke tubes do not require a tube wrench and can be screwed in by hand. They are easy to change and can be switched out quickly, for instance, between flocks of birds. They are extremely user friendly, especially for women who have smaller hands.



Duck hunting is a family affair for the Sorensen household. Photo courtesy of Kelly Sorensen


Michelle: What is one bit of advice you would give to a woman interested in pursuing the shooting sports?

Kelly: Just get out there and do it! Shooting is the biggest stress reliever you can find, and the most fun you will ever have. A lot of women are scared that by being labeled a “shooter” they will no longer be feminine. This is simply not true at all! In reality, shooting is one thing ladies are actually a little bit better than men. We have steadier sight, steadier hands, and more patience.

Michelle: What is one piece of equipment you would never go hunting or shooting without?

Kelly: When I waterfowl hunt, I always take my Winchester® Super X3 20-gauge shotgun. I had back surgery a few years ago and this shotgun has no recoil. I don’t know why I haven’t had this shotgun my whole life! When I big game hunt I don’t leave home without my rangefinder. Knowing my yardage makes me a more ethical hunter.

Michelle: What has been your favorite hunt to date? 

Kelly: My all-time favorite was a duck hunt in flooded timber in Hope, Ark. I wish I had not gone, because now I don’t know if any other hunt will measure up. You can hear the birds, and then all of the sudden they are there, “tornadoing” down right on top of you. It was a very exciting and surreal experience. I would also say it ruined me.


HEVI-Metal is manufactured using biodegradable flax seed as a filler to allow for solid crimping of each shell. Photo courtesy of Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer

HEVI-Metal is manufactured using biodegradable flax seed as a filler to allow for solid crimping of each shell. Photo courtesy of Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer


For more information on the complete HEVI-Shot product line, including shot loads and chokes, visit the HEVI-Shot website. HEVI-Shot product is not available for purchase on the website, but can be found nation wide through a variety of retailers. For the retailer nearest you, check here.

The one draw back of the HEVI-Shot product line is that it does cost a little bit more that other lead alternatives on the market. A box of 25 HEVI-Metal 12-gauge, 3 inch size 4 shot,1.25 ounce load retails for $26.49. A case of 100 of the same shells retails for $259.00. But, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” Each HEVI-Shot load I have tested has patterned consistently, offered great penetration and I know I can count on the product in the field when it matters most.

When I use HEVI-Shot I also have peace of mind knowing I am making an environmentally friendly choice, and treading a little bit lighter on this planet we call home.


  • About Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer

    An experienced huntress, Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer has pursued big game, upland birds and waterfowl throughout North America and Africa. Although Michelle loves to hunt and shoot (both rifle and bow), her biggest passion in life is sharing her love for the outdoors with others. Michelle is the dedicated gear review columnist for Women’s Outdoor News, in a column called “Her Gear.” Michelle’s writings and photography also have been published in a number of outdoor journals, including On Target, Lady Angler, The Gun Dog Journal, The Shooting Channel and African Hunting Gazette. Michelle has been a repeat contributing guest on Outdoor GPS,a live hunting and fishing television program broadcast on Comcast SportsNet NW. When Michelle is not writing, she is serving her time as an outdoor educator. She is an active volunteer for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) Outdoor Skills Program. Her primary responsibilities with ODFW are serving as a shotgunning coach and dog handler/guide for ODFW’s upland bird hunting clinics. Michelle also teaches regularly for Women in the Outdoors (WITO) and Becoming and Outdoors Woman (BOW) programs. She serves on the Pro Staff team for Cabela’s, as well as for the NW Ladies Hunt Camp, an educational outreach program hosted in conjunction with the NRA’s Women on Target Program and Extreme Desire TV, and is a member of the field staff for Próis Hunting and Field Apparel for Women. A current member of a number of national conservation organizations, Michelle is a life member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations, as well as a life member of the National Rifle Association. She also served as a past director for the Southwest Washington chapter of Safari Club International. Take caution, however, if Michelle invites you along on a hunt. Having been stalked by a cougar and attacked by a cheetah, she tends to live life a bit on the wild side.