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Adventure Woman — Whale watching in Baja

Photo courtesy of Adventure Woman

Photo courtesy of Adventure Woman


Trip Overview

For an extraordinary winter getaway, join us for 7 days of whale watching, snorkeling, sea kayaking and swimming in Magdalena Bay off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Relax at AdventureWomen’s remote “safari-style” Baja, Mexico beach camp for close encounters with California gray whales, the “Gentle Giants of the Pacific!”

Each year California Gray whales migrate an astonishing 12,000 miles, round trip, from their summer feeding grounds in the Bering Sea, to their winter home in the warm Pacific lagoons of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. In the quiet Baja waters, they give birth to their one-ton calves who must then grow and learn the skills necessary for survival before making the return journey to the Arctic the following Spring. This gray whale migration is beyond compare in the mammalian world!

On our 2014 whale watching tour, during the day, our highly experienced local staff will ferry us through the waters of Magdalena Bay on Mexico’s west coast to whale watch from 22-foot motorized skiffs, perfect conveyances from which to have a “whale’s eye view” of the Great Grays! Go sea kayaking, hiking or bird watching to round out your Baja whale watching adventure. Relax in the evenings and enjoy fresh, local Mexican cuisine and interesting slide shows and lectures by our knowledgeable guides.

The Gray whale is the largest animal to have ever exhibited friendliness towards humans. There is little to compare with the experience of closely observing a mother nurse her calf, or seeing juveniles leaping exuberantly out of the water. They frolic, breach, spyhop, and lobtail, while spouting heart-shaped clouds of mist into the cool midday air. The young calves are especially curious, following and sometimes even nuzzling up to the whale-watching skiffs. Sometimes they catch a ride on their mother’s backs!

Cap off your Baja vacation with a day in La Paz, Mexico where you can choose from many optional and interesting activities to pursue on your own – from shopping in La Paz to kayaking and snorkeling with local sea lions or  swimming with whale sharks, the largest fish in the ocean and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.   

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bond with one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Join us for 6 days of adventure on a whale watching and sea kayaking adventure in Baja, Mexico!


Date: Jan. 29 through Feb. 4, 2014

Cost: $2,695


Visit Adventure Woman for more information.

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