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Burris Optics sets sights on The WON as sponsor of ‘Ask Writing Huntress’

Burris Optics, one of the highest quality optics brands on the market today, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the column “Ask Writing Huntress.”




As The WON transforms its web presence with a new visually stunning website, so too does this column in terms of sponsorship. A burgeoning number of women are coming to enjoy the sport of hunting, a fact that is being celebrated again and again since the Census Bureau statistics reported female participation in hunting increased a dramatic 25 percent between 2006 and 2011.

In keeping with this trend, Burris Optics has responded by partnering with The WON in order to, in the words of Lori Petoske, Marketing Manager for Burris, “Help reach the female demographic in a stronger way.”

Don J. Burris established Burris in 1971 after 12 years of product design for Redfield. He began simply; for the first 4 years Burris produced only rings, bases, and open sights. However, it didn’t take long for Burris to go back to what Burris did best — designing optics.


The history of Burris Optics

In 1975, Burris got his company off the ground with a riflescope dubbed “Fullfield.” After its initial success, the line grew, as did Burris’s unflinching focus on quality and craftsmanship. In the following years, Burris made headlines by being the first domestic optics manufacturer to offer riflescopes with multicoated lenses. Burris passed away in 1988, leaving his company in the capable hands of those who shared his vision, a legacy continued today in each and every member of Burris’s esteemed line.

Today, Burris produces tactical sights, optics focused on competitive shooting and sights for every hunting target possible. However, employees of Burris don’t just talk the talk, they shoot the shot, too.

“We are a company of hunters and shooters, so our products need to perform as well for us as they do for our customers. We only design and produce products we would use and be proud of,” says Petoske. “Burris manufactures a line of scopes ranging from tactical sights designed for fast, close-quarter and competitive shooting, as well as hunting products to help you take down any sized game.”



A top-of-the-line company, without top-of-the-line prices

”Burris produces products at many different price points, so serious hunters and competitors can invest in top-of-the-line technology, while beginners can afford to get quality entry-level products from us as well,” explains Petoske. “Bottom line, at Burris we are passionate about what we do — we don’t just design great products; we use the heck out of them ourselves.”


Customer-service driven

There is something else Burris takes pride in — its passion for customer service. Burris offers an Unconditional Forever Warranty on every product built, meaning if something happens to an optic, outside of theft or deliberate damage, Burris repairs it at no cost, with no questions asked. Petoske illustrates this passion with a simple motto, “We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Period.”

When I first started hunting, I bought products based off of wayward advice from a salesman only to be rebuffed by the manufacturer later, when the gear mysteriously stopped working. As a huntress who enjoys shooting and getting my money’s worth when it comes to gear, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear that Burris stands behind its products and customers 100 percent. The latter, which is growing in female participants, is another reason Burris’s sponsorship means so much to this column. Through its willingness to be more visible within the female shooting sports and hunting industry, Burris is empowering huntresses and female shooters alike to get out and shoot with the support of their optic’s manufacturer behind them.


WON Writing huntress burris


Burris confesses on its website: “Okay, we admit, we’re pretty hardcore when it comes to how our riflescopes and other optics perform. But our customers wouldn’t have it any other way.” That’s a mission statement I can align myself without a hesitation. I take my hunting and writing extremely seriously, not only because I want to perform at my best, but also because I think y’all enjoy it as well. I am humbled and blessed to be sponsored by such a customer-centric, hardcore company willing to reach the ends of The WON readership in order to get us ladies shooting more accurately and with better results.

I’ll be checking out the full line of new Burris wares that are being unveiled at SHOT Show. In the meantime, check the Burris website and Facebook page for more information!

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