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Putting guns where they’d least expect them — Female-friendly concealment holsters

Sara Ahrens describes female-friendly concealment holsters via her blog at Beretta USA.


The firearms industry has been very responsive to the concealed carry boom. Fortunately, this boom is taking into account the presence of women. The development of smaller firearms for personal defense makes it easier for women to carry firearms and ensures that those guns are more easily concealed.  Holster manufacturers have expanded their variety of holster options, which allows women to carry firearms concealed in places that might make you blush! New concealment holsters now make it possible for women who wear fitted clothing to carry firearms undetected.


Sara Ahrens

Photo courtesy of Sara Ahrens


Holsters are not a ‘buy one and done’ product, in my opinion. They are a tremendous investment because most holsters are appropriate for one specific carry situation, but not for all of them. For a woman, selecting an appropriate holster is largely dependent upon her choice in apparel, anticipated activity, and body type. After years of concealed carry, I have found some functional holsters that ensure I’m never unarmed again.


In Waistband Holsters

The most traditional way to carry a handgun is in a holster slung off your hip, like a cowboy or a cop.  Yet this lacks subtlety, and the whole point of concealed carry is keeping your gun concealed until it is needed.  The most popular way to carry concealed is to tuck your holster inside your waistband.  Your clothing needs to completely hide the gun, and allow for easy access.

Beretta makes a variety of options for IWB and traditional carry, like this secure IWB rig for the 9mm Nano.  But what if the IWB options aren’t sufficient? What if you plan to wear something more fitted, or a dress?  Where will you hide your pistol?


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