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Rockcastle Shooting Center – Southern Hospitality and Firearms

Shoot The Rock! What? Isn’t that dangerous? No, silly, that’s just what we say when we are heading to Rockcastle Shooting Center (The Rock) at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. Located 10 miles south of Mammoth Cave National Park, nestled on approximately 2000 acres, The Rock is known as America’s ultimate shooting destination. This amazing piece of property, owned by brothers Nick and Nate Noble, is a family-run business. There is a 100-guest room lodge and conference center that is the central meeting area for all that happens at The Rock. Over the past 3.5 years, I have attended many events there, including our 2013 spring break/family vacation. I now think of Park Mammoth Resort as a home-away-from-home.



Michelle shoots the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Match at Rockcastle. Red X Photography photo.

Southern hospitality

All of my stress is released, as I open the ornate wooden doors, and enter the inviting rustic lobby. Amy, an always-smiling Southern belle who has worked at the resort for more than 25 years, greets me. It’s like seeing an old friend when she smiles, gives me a hug and chats with her Southern accent that includes “darlin’s” and “ya’lls.” Have I mentioned how much I love accents? Usually, I head right to The Lookout restaurant, where beautifully framed paintings by Jim Noble (Nick and Nate’s father) adorn the walls. I love sitting by the large picture windows that frame the amazing view of the hills and valleys below. In no time at all, Jen, the lovely waitress with red glasses, a 44-year employee, comes by with a cup of coffee and a friendly, “Hello, Honey. Welcome back.” The menu consists of many comfort foods, including a fantastic buffet.


frontdoor_therock-Rockcastle Shooting Center

The welcoming front doors of Park Mammoth Resort.


There are always evening activities at the lodge, especially during a match. My favorite nights are when there is an impromptu sing-along while someone plays guitar. When the weather is conducive, I enjoy sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair. Other times, the wine room is where I can be found. Yes, Park Mammoth Resort is the home of Cave Valley Winery. Barb Blanton, Nick and Nate’s mother, envisioned, created and now cares for the grape orchard.

Although closed to the public, there are caves on the property. Coach Cave is used as a cooling area during summer months. Many times you will find a group standing around the entrance, as the cool mist engulfs them. Just off Slave Cave Road is the mouth to the historic Jesse James Cave, where a fire pit awaits those interested in a campfire. Yes, there are many less-known secrets I could tell you about, but I know you want to hear about Rockcastle Shooting Center.


The Cerino family outside Jesse James Cave.

Rockcastle Shooting Center

Tucked into wooded and rocky outcroppings stands a 12-station sporting clays course designed by Bill McGuire. Its paths are lined with fallen timber and there are beautiful rock formations among the trees and brush. It also offers a 5-stand course that overlooks a cattail pond. Can you think of a better way to spend your afternoon?

Now, for those that don’t fancy shotgunning, you can practice in a pistol bay, or head to the rifle range where you can shoot from 50 to 1,000 yards. The site even offers a permanent Cowboy-Action town with 5 “Old West” stages. Yes, there is something for every type of firearm enthusiast at The Rock.


A squad gathers at Cowboy Town.


Women-only courses

This past August I attended a 4-day Babes With Bullets Camp at The Rock. On a regular basis, The Rock holds women-only concealed carry classes, as well as all of the NRA programs.

Starting in April, on the second Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m.to 1 p.m., there will be a Rockcastle women’s event at the range, to get new shooters exposed to the shooting sports. Each week, a new type of shooting discipline will be introduced. There will be guest speakers and instructors, demo guns and plenty of people helping on the range.

In October, The Rock is hosting the “Ladies” Action Shoot 2.0, by Calibered Events. Activities include 3 Gun, long-range rifle, sporting clays and 5 stand, among others.



Babes With Bullets group. RedX Photography

Oh, did I mention there is a 3-D archery course and an 18-hole golf course, too? Like I said, there is something for everyone at The Rock!


Visit Rockcastle Shooting Center for more information.


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