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Bows for women: Realtree’s 2014 ladies’ bow test

A test panel reviews 4 new-for-2014 bows for women in the 3rd annual Realtree ladies’ bow test. Article by Will Brantley.

If you’re a female bowhunter, listen up: the bow companies get it. Not long ago, finding a bow with a draw length and weight suitable for the average female hunter meant buying a puny youth rig, perhaps with some pink splashed on the limbs to make it a ladies’ model. They were underpowered, inferior junk compared to flagship men’s bows.

You don’t have to use that stuff anymore. Over the past few years, the Realtree Ladies’ Bow Test has provided a window into the evolution of top hunting bows for women. Although there have been some great bows in the test every year, our test panel has also reviewed more than a few clunkers. The worst never made it into the published test.

Not this year. Any of the four bows reviewed for 2014 would have won the test hands down in 2012. For two days, our test team shot bows, took notes, erased notes, shot some more and spent long moments in pondering silence, staring at cams and risers. To say these bows were evaluated carefully and objectively is an understatement.

Although there are other good women’s bows on the market, these four are all brand new for 2014, and sold by Realtree-licensed partners. Those are the requirements for the test. Visit Realtree.com to read the results.



Brita Lewis, Michelle Brantley and Julie Wilkins. Photo courtesy of Realtree.com




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