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APECS: Monumental partnership between outdoorsmen and agriculture launched in northern California

Girls with Guns Clothing co-owner Jenifer Adams on board of APECS Foundation

Conservation and stewardship are two words that outdoorsmen, ranchers, and farmers have identified themselves with for generations.  However, in the urban population centers of California, terms like conservation and stewardship are more closely associated with environmental special interest groups.  As a result of a misinformed populace and ill-conceived perceptions, these special interest groups have effectively branded all farmers, ranchers, and outdoorsmen as ones who do not care about protecting the land, the wildlife, or the heritage of respect for the environment that runs deep in the culture of rural America.

In response to these misconceptions, a forward-thinking group of conservationists in Northern CA created the APECS Foundation to rise up and promote the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle built on American traditions, with a focus on the need to preserve that legacy and pass it on to future generations. The APECS Foundation, which stands for Agricultural Preservation and Environmental Conservation Sportsmen Foundation, not only promotes an outdoor lifestyle founded in hunting, fishing, and wildlife management, but also realizes that agriculture and farming traditions are just as critical to promote and preserve for the future.

Co-Founder and Development Chair, Rick Bulloch, is a longtime supporter and advocate of outdoor heritage.  He noted, “APECS provides an exciting new element to promoting our outdoor heritage by adding Agriculture into the mix.  Partnering with agricultural doesn’t take away from our outdoor message, but adds to it. The time is right for these like-minded and natural partners in resource utilization and conservation to align closely.”


Jenifer Adams, one of APECS’s founding board members, is an Adin Native, co-owner of Girls with Guns Clothing in Red Bluff, and co-star of Universal Huntress TV. She brings a unique perspective to APECS, and is excited to promote the value of conservation and outdoor heritage to the youth.  “There is not enough emphasis on educating the younger generations on the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle.”  Adams further notes, “I have personally seen the excitement and the growth that kids experience when they are given the opportunity to connect with the outdoors.”  Adams also looks forward to APECS reaching out to hunting’s fastest growing demographic—fellow female hunters.

The APECS Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that focuses on education and outreach to preserve our traditions of agriculture and the outdoors.  APECS will have its first fundraiser in Red Bluff on June 7. For event details call Rick Bulloch at (916) 606-7039. Questions or comments, visit our website at www.apecsfoundation.org, or call Logan Wilson at 530.717.7409.

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