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Preparing for Deer Hunting

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preparing for deer hunting

(Kristen Schmitt photo)


How do you prepare for deer hunting?

No, really, I’d like to know.

Part of me is excited and part of me is incredibly intimidated as I work through learning archery in time for the upcoming fall season. It’s not the issue of actually killing the deer for meat (although at the actual time of contact, that still may be a factor) because as a meat eater, I’m aware that animals had to be slaughtered to appear on my plate — whether the meat be from a friend’s farm or from the grocery store (where I find myself rarely buying anything aside from the pantry staples and organic vegetables and hope to disown much of the commercial chain as we plant our first huge garden this year).

No, it’s the idea of being under pressure, buck in front of me, lined up in my site, and…then do I pull the release? Does the arrow hit where I think it will hit? Or will the animal be wounded and run, leaving me guilty and trembling?

I’m not sure that my previous experiences have really prepared me for this new one. Somehow I think that a stressful boardroom presentation isn’t quite the same type of stress I’ll feel when I have to release the trigger after deciding to commit to the buck in front of me.

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