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7 questions with Ann Marie Foster, owner of Calibered Events

Ann Marie Foster, an avid shooter, firearms instructor and hunter has created Calibered Events, LLC, providing women with exceptional opportunities in the shooting sports and the great outdoors. I recently had the opportunity to interview Ann Marie about her newest venture.


Ann Marie Foster Calibered Events 2_1


Camo Mom: What do you have to offer over and above other companies that are similar to yours?

Ann Marie: Our programs are more like shooting retreats. We offer unique amenities to our programs, such as zip-lining, spa services and fun social gatherings that enhance the overall experience.


Camo Mom: Are your events geared more toward women than men, or an equal split?

Ann Marie: The events are more women oriented, though we do offer co-ed events too.


Instruction with Level 3 shotgun coach, Elizabeth Lanier

Level 3 shotgun instructor Elizabeth Lanier teaches during one of the women’s events.


Camo Mom: How did you get into hunting and shooting?

Ann Marie: I grew up in a family where shooting was the natural. I have 5 older brothers and 3 sisters. My dad was a WWII Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I became interested in hunting just out of high school. At about the same time, I was also shooting a bow for fun and had a friend who was a bow hunter. One evening, he and his girlfriend came over and brought a venison tenderloin. Need I say more?


Ann Marie Foster Montana hunt 2011 057

Hunting is a passion of Ann Marie’s, and how could you not enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains in Montana?


Camo Mom: What has been your best event held since starting Calibered Events?

Ann Marie: In April 2013, I hosted the inaugural Ladies Shotgun Salon at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. This event has really taken off, as women come from across the United States as far away as California, Florida, Texas, the Midwest and New England to take part in our 3-day, 4-night offering. We enjoy the 35-station sporting clays course, gourmet fare, exceptional lodging and the renowned Woodlands Spa. The event is unique in the sense that if you are a new shooter, we offer instruction by top-notch NSCA instructors/coaches, while simultaneously catering to seasoned wing shooters who can improve their skills while shooting to their hearts’ content. The Ladies Shotgun Salon offers exceptional 5-star services at a 3-star, all-inclusive rate.

The Ladies Action Shoot 2.0 is a new shooting event that will be held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky this fall, and is sure to be another favorite. Multiple shooting disciplines, including 3-gun, sporting clays and long-range shooting and evening activities will be offered over the course of 5 days.


Lady Shotgun Salon group

A group photo from the Lady Shotgun Salon.


Camo Mom: What is your shotgun of choice?

Ann Marie: For sporting clays, I use a Beretta A400 Xplor Unico with the Kick Off system. I use a Mossberg 535 pump shotgun for turkey hunting.


Camo Mom: How does running your own company help or hinder your hunting time?

Ann Marie: You have to balance your time between the two. I started Calibered Events to share my passion of the shooting sports. I’ve been hunting for more than 30 years and am fortunate enough to have traveled to beautiful locations across the lower 48 and Alaska. It’s my vitamin for a healthy, harmonious lifestyle. Sharing and teaching something you’re passionate about; how does it get better than that?

As far as a hindrance, at this point it’s not. Again, I balance work obligations with hunting. Scheduling events well in advance is the key. I know early muzzleloader season for whitetail is always mid-October and I won’t schedule anything around those 3 days; it’s my time and my favorite hunt of the year. This past muzzleloader season, I had just come off foot surgery and was in a walking boot when, to my husband’s surprise, the doctor gave me the OK to hunt as long as I didn’t climb any trees. I harvested a nice buck for the freezer.


Ann Marie Foster Hunt after foot surgery

Still in a walking boot after foot surgery, Ann Marie harvested a nice buck during the mid-October muzzleloader season.


Tammy: If you had to summarize your company in a one-liner, what would it be?

Ann Marie: Calibered Events offers top-flight shooting venues combined with unique amenities; it is comfort, class and flare for the shooting sports enthusiast.



When I asked her if there was anything else that we hadn’t covered, Ann Marie wanted to express sincere gratitude to her industry sponsors and past event participants.

For more information on Calibered Events, visit Calibered Events or at its Facebook page.

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