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Tips for setting up a tree stand

Kristen Schmitt’s “Locavore Blog” is originally published at “Deer and Deer Hunting.”


Tree stands are heavy. And they come with a lot of different parts. Two things that longtime hunters already know, but for someone just starting out, these two factors may influence where you choose to build yours before actually attaching it to the tree. Or, if you’re like us, you may want to have a metal detector (to help find any bolts or screws that are dropped into the grass) and an ATV handy (to move the tree stand to its final destination) to help you after it’s built.


treestand set-up

Note: metal detector on the left and parts of the ladder stand await assembly. (Kristen Schmitt photo)


I have two spots on my property where I plan to install tree stands before bow season begins (and have food plots already growing away). One of the spots is already set because I’m using one of my husband’s tree stands. The other spot still needed a tree stand and we decided to put up the Brotherhood 2-Man Ladder Stand so my husband could be with me when I hunt in this location. Lucky for me, I not only get to utilize his hunting knowledge, but also his hunting gear assembly expertise as I don’t think this tree stand could have been assembled without him and my father-in-law, Mark Schmitt.




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