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ScopeSlicker and SpudzPro — Gear for helping keep your scope spot-on

As a hunter, I have invested a significant amount of money into my rifles and riflescopes. I protect my investments the best I am able, in order to help make certain they are ready to perform when I am afield. Sometimes, however, the weather has other ideas and interferes with the clarity of my scope, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where I battle rain, snow and fog on a regular basis. Fortunately, I recently discovered the ScopeSlicker and SpudzPro, both by Alpine Innovations. Each of these small items helps in keeping my scope clean, clear and spot-on.


Michelle Bodenheimer scope cleaning

(Todd Bodenheimer photo)


The ScopeSlicker is a small, packable, waterproof scope cover for riflescopes. Made of a quiet and lightweight neoprene fabric in camouflage design, the elastic cover fits tightly around most scope sizes. The cover is easy to put on and to remove. Not only is the ScopeSlicker waterproof to help keep rain and precipitation off, but also it helps minimize dust from scope lenses. On a recent hunting trip to South Africa with Starr & Bodill African Safaris, I used the ScopeSlicker daily to help keep road dust and debris off my Burris Fullfield E1 riflescope, so I knew it would be clean and blemish free when I needed to put it to work.

The expandable ScopeSlickerpacks tightly into its own attached travel pouch when not in use. The travel pouch includes a sturdy clip for attaching to your pack or belt for safekeeping. The ScopeSlickeralso features a patented microfiber cleaning cloth sewn in to the travel pouch to help keep your scope clean on the go. This scope cover is a great design to help keep your scope protected in the field, not just in the safe at home.


Michelle Bodenheimer Burris

(Britney Starr photo)


When my scope needs a more thorough cleaning, I rely on the SpudzPro cleaning kit. This compact cleaning kit features a microfiber cleaning cloth for removing smudges and fingerprints from the scope lens with out creating scratches. The cloth tucks away snugly in an attached travel pouch. Like the ScopeSlicker, the SpudzPro pouch includes a sturdy clip to keep attached to a backpack, binocular harness or belt when not in use.

The travel pouch also contains a small spray bottle of Fogz Off anti-fog solution to help prevent optics from fogging. The spray is streak free, and clear when dry. I, for one, have had a number of missed shots over the years due to optics fogging up in adverse conditions. The Fogz Off spray has helped minimize, if not entirely eliminate these issues. I also use Fogz Off on my binocular lenses from time to time. Since I have begun using Fogz Off I have not once had an issue with fog or condensation obstructing my view.


Michelle Bodenheimer Spudz pro and scope slicker


They say, “Good things come in small packages.” This is entirely true with both the Scope Slicker and SpudzPro. Each of these items weighs only a few ounces and packs down to the size of a credit card. Both products are also proudly made here in the United States.

The ScopeSlicker and SpudzPro are both available directly from the Alpine Innovations website and will be coming soon to major retailers nationwide.


ScopeSlicker MSRP $15.99

SpudzPro MSRP $11.99

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