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Tips for bowhunting and archery practice

Between harvesting potatoes, freezing and drying vegetables and herbs from the garden, and getting my daughter ready for the upcoming back-to-school routine coming our way in just a few weeks, I’ve been making sure that archery practice doesn’t get pushed aside. With the countdown on to bow season this fall — I can take all the practice I can get!


Kristen Schmitt bow hunting practice


Being a newer archer, practice helps with accuracy as well as form. I’ve read that for anyone who bowhunts, it’s pretty essential to start practicing at least six weeks to two months prior to the start of the season — and for someone who is really new to the sport, practicing even earlier than that can only help!

I’ve noticed a few things over the summer. Not only has constant practice helped build up the muscle strength and establish consistent form so I can draw the bow back slowly and consistently each time, but my movements are also smoother and any initial apprehension with shooting a bow has diminished if not evaporated. I feel that constant practice helps you physically prepare, but also mentally help calibrate how in tune you are with your bow.



Archery practice has helped me judge yardage better, shoot from different angles and in different weather conditions. While the fall will bring new weather conditions my way, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to modify my form even more to continue to gain the confidence needed to shoot my first deer.

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