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10 life-saving items to carry in your hunting pack

LG and I have been hauling our hunting packs around for more than a month already. We started chasing antelope in 100+-degree temperatures. Then, we ended up in rain, hail and snow while stalking elk. After that, we spent long days tunneling through oak brush looking for bear. Most recently, we made it to the duck blind in Louisiana to knock down blue-winged teal. Our hunting packs have been with us every step of the way.

We needed a few different items in our hunting packs since we hunted an assortment of species in various terrains. When I say “in our hunting packs,” I don’t just mean the items inside. I’m also referring to the features of the pack. There are a few “must have” features a woman’s hunting pack should have, as well as a few “must have” items to keep in it.


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The hunting pack

Look for a durable hunting pack, such as the ALPS OutdoorZ Huntress* camo pack for women. A pack that sits comfortably in the swale of your shoulders is important for long hauls in the woods. Another key point is to examine is the overall height of the pack. Make certain it’s long (or short) enough to sit comfortably on your hips and shoulders. The weight should be distributed evenly between these points to avoid muscle strain. The ALPS pack for women keeps stature and curves in mind, while still preserving the important features needed for a woman to carry her gear.


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Items to have in your hunting pack

When it comes to items you should always have in your hunting pack, it’s definitely better to have and not need, than need and not have. The problem is, you’ll be carrying said items around on your back. These necessities must be useful, appropriate and as light as possible.

The list of recommended items will vary, depending on the time of year, location and species you are hunting.



(Hank Anstine photo)


First aid – We always hope that things won’t happen to us, but as mentioned, it’s better to have and not need a bandage, antiseptic, antihistamine, tweezers or safety pins.

GPS, map and compass – Safety should always in the forefront of your mind. That means knowing where you are, so you’ll know how to get back to camp. Always carry a GPS, map and compass when you go into the woods.

Food – Always take survival food with you. Even if you only plan to hunt for the afternoon — take snacks. An easy way to make sure you always have something, is to pack a dehydrated meal. These food sources last for years, and take up little space and weight in your pack. Other easy, long lasting items include trail mix, nuts and granola bars. They offer nutrition and can last the season, uneaten in your pack.

Water – Hydration is important any time of year. The ALPS OutdoorZ pack for women has a handy camelback pocket that makes storing water in your pack easy.

Paracord or rope – Rope is handy for tying game during the pack-out, or hanging it until your guide can pick it up.

Fire starter – A lighter, matches or striker should always be in your pack. Even if you’re not caught out after dark, it can come in handy for building a fire to warm up. It also is helpful if you need to singe the end of your paracord.

Rain gear – A good set of rain gear will be durable, lightweight and packable. Roll it up and shove it in your pack. In the event you’re caught in a rainstorm, you can use it to build a rain shelter for yourself and your equipment.

Knives and/or multi-tool – Every gal should carry a multi-tool of some sort. Look for one that has a good knife blade. Knives, of course, are needed when you have a successful hunt. You can gut, cape, quarter and skin animals with a Leatherman, or other comparable knife.

Game bags – Ultimately, the goal is to pack some meat back to the ranch after a successful hunt. Game bags make keeping the meat clean a breeze. Keep the goal in mind, and throw in the bags!

Ammunition or broadheads – We know you’re a good shot, but always thrown in the “just in case” box of ammo, or pack of broadheads. Also, include tools to work on your bow.




*Information about the pack Mia and LG love is listed below:

What: ALPS OutdoorZ Huntress camo pack for women
Capacity: 2200 in³/36L
Weight: 2 pounds, 14 ounces
Material: Brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric
MSRP: $119.99


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