She Loves to Fish: Summer bass breakdown

Summer has been a whirlwind of fishing adventures with a primary focus on bass. Largemouth or smallmouth, I have no preference and love catching both equally as much! What I appreciate most about bass fishing is the variety of techniques which can be used and of course the battle these fish put forth! Although summer isn’t quite over yet, I want to share the techniques I have found effective over the past few weeks.


Ashley Rae


My favorite techniques this summer have included:

You guessed it, a punch rig! For this technique I use my 8′ medium heavy Rapala Concept rod, an R-Type baitcast reel spooled with 65lb Sufix 832 braided line, a 1oz or 1.5oz Ultra Tungsten bullet weight with a bobber stop to prevent the weight from slipping. Below the weight I use a skirt, a 5/0 Gamakatsu Super Heavy Cover Flippin’ Hook and a TriggerX Goo Bug. This may sound like a lot of gibberish so I will break it down with this next photo.

From top to bottom:  
  • I typically use 3 bobber stops to prevent the weight from slipping up the line and as back up when they get beat up or torn off from busting through mats or from battles with fish. This saves from re-tying in the middle of a good day.
  • I go with a 1oz-1.5oz bullet weight depending on the thickness of the cover I am busting this rig through. I am fairly impatient so I usually go with a heavier weight to be sure it’s getting down quickly.
  • The skirt adds to the profile of the bait and gives it a fuller look and more action. I try to match the colours when I can.
  • I really like the Gamakatsu Super Heavy Cover Flippin’ Hooks for how tough they are (I have yet to straighten or bend one) and the bait keeper helps immensely when throwing baits in heavy cover by keeping the plastic intact and in place upon landing. I attach the hook to the line using a snell knot.
  • My choice on bait has been the TriggerX Goo Bug in various colours (Blue Sapphire, Muck, Carolina Bug and Black Blue Sapphire). I usually split the claws for more action on the bait.
How I do it:
  • I use this presentation in slop by throwing it up into the air allowing it to plummet downwards and ‘punch’ it’s way through even the thickest of cover. I also use it in thick deep weed lines, lily pads and grass. When the bait hits the bottom, I pick up my slack line and yo-yo it 3-5 times or so until moving on. At times fish will hit it on the drop, after a couple of lifts or even after 5 lifts. It’s so much fun ripping these swamp donkeys out of thick cover! Using the right rod, reel and line makes it possible to keep these fish pinned and pull them out quickly.



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