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Mentoring the Next Generation: Eva Shockey

Lea Leggitt continues with red-carpet interviews at the Golden Moose Awards, hosted by the Outdoor Channel. In this installment, she meets her mentor, Eva Shockey.

At the Golden Moose Awards this year I met one of my favorite ladies, and one of my biggest mentors, Eva Shockey, All my friends know Eva as co-host of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures on Outdoor Channel. They all wanted me to tell her how much they like her, but I only had time for a couple of questions for her.

I was surprised to see Eva’s reaction to my first question. When I asked about how she felt about being a mentor, she seemed as though she didn’t know what to say. She had never considered herself a mentor, but I really loved how she said she wants the younger people to look up to her like her own kids would. It really was amazing to meet her and I will continue to look up to her.

Lea: How did you get into hunting?

Eva: Most people assume I started hunting when I was very young, considering that my dad has been a professional hunter for my entire life. However, that isn’t actually true. I grew up surrounded by hunting and camping and the outdoors and loved to join my dad on his hunting trips, but I didn’t actually hunt until after I graduated from university.

My mom supports hunting, but she doesn’t hunt, so I decided at a young age that if I wanted to be a classy lady like her, I couldn’t hunt because then people would think I’m a tomboy. In hindsight, that misconception was obviously incorrect and when I got older I realized that I can be the girly girl that I am and still love to hunt. Since my first big game hunt at 21 years old, I have loved every minute of it and am so proud to be a hunter!


(Mia Anstine photo)

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