Mentoring the Next Generation: Theresa Vail

Lea Leggitt continues her winning streak on the red carpet at the Golden Moose awards last January. Her series, “Mentoring the Next Generation,” includes several outdoor celebrities who also are excellent role models for young women. In this installment, she talks to Theresa Vail.

I  visited with Theresa Vail, who has a show coming out on Outdoor Channel TV in July (Limitless), at the Golden Moose Awards last January. She is known as Miss Kansas, but I learned a lot more about her in the short time I had with her that night.

I asked her about how she felt about being a mentor. She surprised when she said she liked sharing her hunting and shooting experiences, because it gave her strength from when other kids bullied her in school. She said it saved her life. It caught me off guard —  because she is so pretty and sweet. Who would think that someone like that would ever be bullied?


I have never experienced bullying first hand and haven’t seen it. I didn’t know it could hurt someone so much that she would say something saved her life from bullying. I hope others can learn from Theresa Vail and find the confidence hunting or shooting can give you.

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Theresa Vail and Lea Leggit on the red carpet at the Golden Moose Awards. (Mia Anstine photo)