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Theresa Vail, an Adventurer and an Inspiration

Michelle Cerino interviews Theresa Vail, a modern-day adventurer who is bound to become even more of an inspiration to women through her new television series.

Theresa Vail, 24, host of a new series coming to Outdoor Channel, made several appearances at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn., this April. Prior to one of her appearances, Theresa and I had a casual chat about her upcoming series on Outdoor Channel, titled, “Limitless with Theresa Vail.” Since the booth was extremely crowded and there were no empty rooms, we did what any problem solvers would, found a spot on the floor against the wall, and started talking.


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The interview. (Chris Cerino photo)


You may know Theresa Vail as the 2013 Miss Kansas winner, or as the 2014 “Miss America” top ten finalist who proudly kept her tattoos uncovered. But did you know she is also a sergeant in the Kansas Army National Guard, a bowhunter and a full-time college student? This all-American woman is the perfect fit for the half-hour series about overcoming stereotypes and proving there is no set mold for what a woman can and should be.

A woman with her own show is ground breaking for Outdoor Channel. Through her series, Theresa hopes to both empower and inspire women as she leans something new in every episode. Unlike most other series, “Limitless” allows Theresa to experience most everything as a novice, not as the expert. Experiencing something new is one of her goals. Hopefully, when other women follow along through her adventures, they will say, “If she can do it, I can do it.”



(Outdoor Channel photo)



“Limitless with Theresa Vail” has been a collaboration between Theresa and Outdoor Channel. Although everyone has input, Theresa insists that her goals be in the show and her brand remain constant. So far, she reports everything has been great; she has been able to do things she has only dreamed of before the show.

Filming for the series feels very natural for Theresa. The limelight of being Miss Kansas helped her gain confidence being in front of the camera. Although each episode is a learning experience, it is an easy, natural progression. Being able to do participate in adventures she enjoys helps, too.



(Outdoor Channel photo)


Theresa’s favorite part of the series so far is the filming of the B stories.This is where the audience really sees her personality. Recently, she partook in the 26th annual Bataan Death March Memorial, which honors a special group of World War II heroes at White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico. She made the 26-mile hike, while carrying 45 pounds in her rucksack – no small feat. Unfortunatey, for Theresa, her feet blistered during the march. She knew there are little girls looking up to her and quitting was not an option. So, she pushed past her physical boundaries, knowing her body can handle way more then her mind says it can. Although she struggled, she propelled past that mental barrier and completed the march.

Knowing that people will be looking up to her is what gives Theresa her motivation and drive. Women need to see that they can be well rounded. She wants viewers to realize that she is not the expert or the hero. Seeing her struggle, and perhaps even bail out on something, does not mean she is going to give up on everything. Having the experience is the important part, and that is what she wants the audience to understand.


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About tattoos and the military

Theresa has some advice for young ladies considering getting a tattoo or joining the military.

Since a tattoo is permanent, something you will be wearing for the rest of your life, she suggests first sketching it out on a piece of paper. Then, hang it on your wall for 6 months, and look at it everyday. If, by the end of those 6 months, you never get tired of looking at it, and can still see the meaning behind it, then go for it.

As for the girls considering the military, Theresa suggests starting by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have the right personality? If you are rebellious or hot headed, you may have trouble accepting authority. Having been in the military for 8 years, Theresa has seen what happens to those people. Many never get promoted, are always in trouble and end up hating the military. As a woman, joining the military involves a transition from being a girl to an absolute professional businesswoman. There is no laughing and flirting, with all the barriers there are for women in the military, this only makes it more difficult for those trying to overcome them.



Theresa Vail and Michelle Cerino. (Chris Cerino photo)



“Limitless with Theresa Vail”will begin airing on Outdoor Channel as part of the network’s summer programming lineup in July 2015. I know I am going to follow along with Theresa’s adventures. I know she will inspire me to try something new.


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