When It Comes to Safety, the Devil is in the Details

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to speak to a wonderful group of ladies. I talked to them about safety tips, taught them a few simple self defense moves and went over the use of lethal and non lethal weapons.

I consider myself an expert in the field of self defense for women, but part of having expertise in an area is staying open to new ideas. Not to mention, the older I get, the more I realize how much there still is to learn!

After the meeting, one of the ladies approached me. She told me about a safety tip she had learned somewhere. She said, “When you pick up your mail or packages, always put the label face down in the car. That way no one can see your address.”


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I had never considered doing that. I am always getting my mail and setting it on the passenger seat of my vehicle where it stays until I get home. Many times, I spend the day out and about running errands. I never thought just how easy it would have been for a predator to peek inside my car and have access to my name and address!

Imagine someone knocking on your door. You don’t recognize them, but they smile and say “Hey, Sue, it’s me, Peter”. Now, perhaps you don’t know any Peter, but the fact that they are at your door and know your name may be enough to make you let your guard down. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you open the door. You have just become a victim.


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Being safety conscious obviously encompasses the big things like being aware of your surroundings, locking your door and having your self- defense weapon readily available. But, as I was reminded, it also includes the small details, like setting your mail face down.

Others include:

  • Putting only your first initial and last name on a mailbox or phone listing if you are a single woman living alone.
  • Making sure you have enough fuel to get to a safe destination, so you don’t have to stop in a questionable or unknown neighborhood.
  • Shredding any important documents before recycling or discarding them.
  • Having your wallet secured and your keys in your hand before you leave a store.

Such small acts can make you less likely to be the target of a criminal.

Remember to pay attention to the details and stay safe!

Wendy Megyese is a Deputy Sheriff and a Self Defense Expert. Her passion is educating and empowering law abiding citizens with self defense tools and techniques so they can be victors and not victims. Visit her website at http://www.bestlinedefense.com to find the best self defense and survival products.

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