Father’s Day Special at QDMA: Buy One, Get One Free!

This Father’s Day, get Dad a gift he can use all year – a QDMA membership! From now through June 21, when you buy one membership using coupon code DADBOGO15, you’ll get one for Dad free. To receive this special offer, simply call 800-209-DEER,


1. Visit  qdma.com/join,

2. Press “^” to make quantity 2 in your shopping cart.

3. Click “Add Coupon,” enter DADBOGO15 and click “Check” (this should change the total from $60 to $30).

4. Enter your information in the billing section, and then enter the 2nd members’ information in the shipping section.


Editor’s note: QDMA is one of the outdoor conservation groups that I would never leave behind. Since 80% of hunters in this country hunt for deer, it’s imperative that we support this major noon-profit organization. And check out its ad campaign — a dad and his daughter? Rock on, QDMA. Rock on! ~Barbara Baird

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