WON Landing Page OCT 2022

High School Students Compete on Fishing Teams

Fishing is one activity I love to do in the summer and I just learned it is something you could do as a school sport! I recently interviewed the media relations contact at Student Angler Federation, Mark Gintert.

Lea: Is this program strictly bass fishing? 

Mark: At the club level we allow our member clubs to fish for anything that they would like! When we get to our state and national tournaments we fish for bass, as that is the most universal species across the country. We have also started doing a few Saltwater events and will continue to do so as the interest improves.

Lea: I live in Colorado, if I wanted to participate how would I get started?  

Mark: Simply go to our website Highschoolfshsing.org

Arkansas High School Fishing State Championship and are courtesy of the SAF High School Fishing.

Arkansas High School Fishing State Championship. (SAF High School Fishing photo)

and request a packet of information. We will send you an electronic packet that includes a link to a video as well as some other information.

Lea: I see it takes 6 people to create a club, is there anything to do as an individual?

Mark: We fish in a 2- person team format and you and your partner can come and fish in our State Championship in your state as an independent team.

Lea: How do they score for tournaments?  

Mark: The winners are determined by the heaviest weight for one 5 bass limit of fish (or what ever the law of that particular lake is).

Lea: What does the team or individual win?

Mark: This is a 2-person team event.

Arkansas High School fishing tournament

Another photo from the Arkansas High School Fishing State Championship (SAF High School Fishing)

Lea: Is there a certain way to qualify for State or Nationals?  

Mark: Everyone is invited to come and fish in our state championships. We then advance the top 10% of the field on to a regional competition and from there we advance the top 10% of the field on to a national championship.

Lea: Are there many girls that participate?

Mark: About 15% of our anglers are female.

Lea: How many schools do you currently have signed up?  

Mark: Over 500 nationwide and growing!

I attempted to get in touch with girls involved in this program and sadly, I couldn’t find many. I think it would be wonderful to see more girls participating in this program in the future. If you think this is something you are interested in you can find more information on the program and how to sign up at Highschoolfishing.org.