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Remington Outdoor Women Series: Meet Chloe Lester, Gunsite Academy Graduate

Meet Chloe Lester, an 18-year old athlete who recently learned important skills for handgun shooting, courtesy of Remington Outdoor Company, while a student at a special course at Gunsite Academy.

“Don’t hurt my finger!”

Gary Smith, one of my instructors at Gunsite Academy, reiterated that command to me all week long.

Chloe Senior pic - 2

Chloe Lester

I thoroughly enjoyed pulling the trigger way too fast, so therefore, he put his finger near my trigger finger so I had to do it slowly. Falling in love with shooting was never in the plan, but thanks to my week at Gunsite Academy, I don’t think I ever will out of love with it.



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Arriving at Gunsite that Monday morning as one of the newbies, I felt overwhelmed with information that was way over my head. “All guns are always loaded”  is one of the 4 rules now forever engraved in my brain.

I walked in that hot Monday morning, knowing barely anything about guns, not even how to load my magazine. All of that changed by the end of Friday … after I realized one of the best weeks of my life was over. Gary and Dave, my 2 instructors, taught me things that I didn’t think I was ever capable of learning —  from shooting 2 headshots in 1.5 seconds to cleaning my Remington 1911 9mm inside and out. Ome thing stuck with me: guns are for safety and protection only.


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“Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target” is another one of the 4 gun-handling rules. I frequently wanted my finger to stay on the trigger, but initially I was advised to keep it off.


This series on women in the firearms world is sponsored by Remington Outdoor Company.

Guns have never been something I have thoroughly been interested in, even though I have a dad who works in the firearms industry and a brother who loves shooting. I grew up on a court or in a pool breaking records in sports, not shooting. While being at Gunsite with Jessica learning more about her career, I have thought further about majoring in public relations, because I love being around people and pleasing people.

Being a young woman, I know I need to have self-defense skills, so I highly suggest women my age who are going off to college, or just women in general, need to know a basic knowledge of self defense, because in the world we are in today you never know what is going to happen.


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I owe all the credit for my conversion to gun-fan to my Gunsite instructors; I’ve had many teachers in my lifetime and those 2 were honestly the most outstanding teachers I’ve ever had. Overall, one of my most memorable moments was when I exploded a 2-inch lollypop 3 yards away and I was only allowed one shot. It’s all about “lining my front sight up with the target,” as my instructors would say.

I could go on forever about how amazing the week at Gunsite Academy was, but I will end with this message: thanks to my amazing instructors, my new friends, and the Remington 1911 9mm, I will have knowledge and memories I will never forget and I would do anything to go back to “Gun Camp.”

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