‘Camo is the New Black’ Revisits the Debate on Pink Camo

Seems we go ’round and ’round on this topic. Is pink camo to be taken seriously? Our friends over at “Camo is the New Black” are bringing up the sore subject yet again, for your opinion.


Given this is a blog devoted to sportswomen who hunt and fish, it’s time we talk camo… pink camo. The debate around pink camo is real.  I go back and forth about what pink camo really means to me and how it reflects on our community.

Like many of you, I’m a girl who like manis and pedis and even occasionally chooses to wear hot pink.  But in general, pink camo really turns me off.  Why?  To me pink camo says the industry doesn’t take women seriously who choose to get outdoors.  Pink camo is simply not practical.  The whole point of camo is to blend in so that you remain hidden from your target, right?!  How are you supposed to have a successful hunt when you’re alerting the pray wearing pink?

Join in the debate at “Camo is the New Black.”

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